Jack Sholder’s The Hidden is that rare treat for horror fans; a late 80′s genre film with a great cast, great premise and gonzo attitude that is largely overlooked, even by those who seek out this sort of fare. Starring a pre-Twin Peaks Kyle MacLachlan and Michael Nouri as LA cops on the trail of a body-hopping killer, the movie innovates story elements that would be pillaged by studios later to lesser effect (Jason Goes to Hell, Fallen) doing so with the run-and gun recklessness of 80′s era exploitation. The cast, rounded out by Clu Gulager, Richard Brooks and Lin Shaye, commit to their roles as if it’s Shakespeare, and the awesomely silly plot reveals push the movie straight into the sublime. This glorious gem rarely, if ever, screens, so you really, really don’t wanna miss it.

Dir Jack Sholder, 1987. 35mm, 96 min.

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