FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS: Stuart Gordon's "Dolls" (Blu-Ray release party, director Stuart Gordon and more in person!)

Co-presented by SCREAM FACTORY. Director Stuart Gordon and producer Brian Yuzna in person. Scream Factory’s brand-new Blu-Ray of Dolls hits the streets on November 11th!

When you combine the mini-monster fetishes of producer extraordinaire Charles Band with the Re-Animator team of Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna, you get Dolls — and the results do not disappoint. Arguably the best of the “tiny terror” genre (which includes Critters, Ghoulies and Child’s Play), this gleeful 1987 shocker details a stormy night of terror, when a group of hapless travelers take shelter in the house of a kooky elderly couple. A couple who also happens to specialize in making murderous, sentient toys. Gordon imbues the effective premise with his usual flair and keen eye for staging, and the effects work by genre legend Carl Buechler bring the killer dolls to life in a way that would make Chucky jealous. Though it did get a very small domestic theatrical release, the film is better known as a vanguard of the early straight-to-video boom, so getting to see it on the big screen in 35mm is a rare treat.
Dir. Stuart Gordon, 1987, 35mm, 78 min.

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