FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS: Still Alive at 5 All Nighter!

As this is an all night marathon, admission will be rolling. Meaning come on by any time and there might be space!

Save your monstrous appetite for terrifyingly tasty treats out on the patio between films!

Live Set from DJ Mean Mr. Mustard!

Friday Night Frights was created to fill a void. While the ‘normals’ may satiate their appetite for horror movies on the big screen with annual October visits, once Halloween is over the true horror fans must return home for their freaky fixes. So in January of 2011 Friday Night Frights set out with the simple, ghoulish goal to provide a year-round theatrical home for horror. Since then they’ve showcased movies old and new, introduced virgin eyeballs to genre classics and fringe obscurities, and run the gamut from a classy in-depth evening with Wes Craven, to the cast and crew reunion of Children of the Corn III the world never asked for but secretly needed. “Won’t you run out of horror movies to screen?” some had asked at the beginning. And yet there are still so many cinematic graves to be exhumed. Friday Night Frights is Still Alive at 5. To celebrate FNF’s fifth anniversary, only one thing seemed fitting of the occasion — if you guessed an all night marathon consisting entirely of the fifth installments of various horror franchises, then you’re correct! After all, Part 5 is generally when most horror franchises go completely off the rails. An apt metaphor for the madness we all hope 2016 will hold.