FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS: Sleepaway Camp (Blu-Ray release party, cast members in person!)


“Of Felissa Rose…she was only fourteen at the time, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a better performance of a shy, bullied and kinda sad teenage girl anywhere. Those death glares she gives the bitchy prissies…classic.” — Andrew Thompson, Legless Corpse

Join us for a special 35mm screening, in celebration of Scream Factory’s brand-new Blu-Ray release hitting the streets on 5/27. Plus, co-stars Felissa Rose and Jonathan Tiersten in person! Next to Friday The 13th and The Burning, Sleepaway Camp completes the holy trinity of primary-source summer camp slashers. While Robert Hiltzik’s shocktastic enforcer may have been the latecomer of the group, it benefits from its elders’ wisdom by giving you exactly what you want from the subgenre: scummy dudes, jiggling girls, and a touch football field’s worth of sanguinary wreckage. From the tight shorts and half-shirts amongst nearly all of the cast, to the sleazy, voyeuristic camera evoking ‘70s De Palma by way of Meatballs, this is grimy, time-honored viewing. But nothing, and we do mean nothing, can prepare you for the jaw-dropping finale: an iconic twist-ending that loses absolutely none of its horrifying impact even after multiple viewings. Take that, M. Night Shyamalan!
Dir. Robert Hiltzik, 1983, 35mm, 88 min.

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