FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS: Shock Waves (brand-new restoration, plus director Q&A!)

Director Ken Wiederhorn joins us for a Q&A via Skype after the film! It’s the underwater Nazi zombie flick that cares: Shock Waves, presented in a brand-new restoration courtesy of the very hard-working folks at Blue Underground. Brooke Adams is the survivor of an ill-fated vacation cruise, during which her ship runs aground on Peter Cushing’s tropical SS hideaway — a Floridian isle on which he breeds zombies from the bodies of his deceased Aryan soldiers. Lurking beneath the water, this self-appointed Death Corps is ready to drag new visitors to a very soggy death! Shock Waves is one of those buried treasures horror fans love to discover and recommend to their friends; the surreal, dreamlike setting plays like a cross between Lucio Fulci’s Zombie and the haunted wastelands of Val Lewton, while the detached, somnambulist performances — coupled with a skin-crawling electronic score — make for a unique and unsettling experience.
Dir. Ken Wiederhorn, 1977, DCP, 90 min.

Watch the trailer for “Shock Waves”!
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