FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS: Psycho II (writer Tom Holland in person!)

Screenwriter Tom Holland & editor Andrew London in person for a Q&A before the film! The thought of a sequel to his classic Psycho must’ve made old Hitch roll over in his grave, but he needn’t have worried — for Psycho II, from director Richard Franklin (Patrick, Road Games) remains one of the best and classiest affairs of the Eighties slasher boom. Featuring a clever, twisty script by Tom Holland (who would later go to direct not only the original Child’s Play, but also the equally clever Rear Window riff Fright Night), Psycho II honors the Hitchcock tenet of suspense while giving modern audiences the shock and gore they rightfully deserve. Anthony Perkins reprising his starring role as a twitchy Norman Bates certainly doesn’t hurt, nor does the addition of Meg Tilly as the new object of Norman’s knife-wielding affections, and an all-around stellar supporting cast including Psycho alum Vera Miles as the vengeful sister of original victim Janet Leigh. Do as your mother tells you and get to this rare 35mm screening — we don’t want to have to lock you in the fruit cellar!
Dir. Richard Franklin, 1983, 35mm, 113 min.

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