FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS presents Southbound (Free Sneak Preview with filmmakers!)

Opens at the Laemmle Feb. 5th!

with filmmakers in person!

Along a dusty, bleak, mobius strip-esque highway-going-nowhere we meet two battered and bloodied guys running from something or someone assuredly not of this world, an all-girl band broken down on the highway and the family of weirdos who assist them, a man desperately trying to do the right thing in a wonderful Twilight Zone-ish tale, and a brother trying to “save” his sister from a hellish small town (assisted by Larry Fessenden’s voice on the radio), all housed in Southbound’s sinister universe.

In the world of omnibus horror films, it is markedly rare to find a film with a story so cohesive, intelligent, and stylistically consistent as this refreshing group effort from three directors and one collective (largely the creative crew behind the V/H/S films), delivering some delectable gore and gross out moments, along with a healthy dose of comedy to make it go down smooth.

Dir. Roxanne Benjamin | David Bruckner | Patrick Horvath | Radio Silence, 2015, DCP, 89 min.