Friday Night Frights presents Jason X (screenwriter Todd Farmer in person!)

Pinhead and the Leprechaun may have beat him in the space race, but no earthbound slasher handled the challenges of star-slaughter with more wit and grace than Jason Voorhees in 2001′s space odyssey Jason X. What should be a one-joke riff is actually a constantly inventive satire of sci-fi/horror genre conventions, and even manages to take loving machete jabs at the F13 franchise itself without descending into all-out parody. The result: a photon blast that lives up to the promise of Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, and in some ways even surpasses it with inventive kills, glorious gore and a great cameo by David Cronenberg. Oh, and space boobs too! Truly the best of the “in space” slasher trend, Jason X was sadly underappreciated upon its release, but we’re thawing this gem out of cryosleep on Friday, April 13th, so you can enjoy it in all its theatrical g(l)ory. When it comes to killin’, Jason is the final frontier, so don’t miss this star trek — into terror! Jason X screenwriter Todd Farmer will be here in person for a Q&A after the film!
Dir. James Isaac, 2001, 35mm, 91 min.

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