FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS: Kingdom of the Spiders (director John "Bud" Cardos in person!)

Kingdom of the Spiders is here to give you a double dosage of the willies — both the creepy crawly variety, and the greatest Willie of all: Shatner! This camp classic from director John “Bud” Cardos (the man behind seriously fun genre fare like The Day Time Ended, Mutant and The Dark) teams the beloved eco-paranoia of the late Seventies with the greatest of all man-vs.-nature tropes: the Jaws Factor of a town refusing to shut down a tourist event, despite, in this film’s case, of a murderous spider proliferation. We’re not talking those lame, modern CGI murder-spiders — these are real tarantulas, baby! Add to that the undeniable magic of the Shat, and you have one of the bug-nuttiest skin-crawlers to ever put the Sci-Fi Channel’s creature feature catalog to shame. John “Bud” Cardos will be here in person for a Q&A before the film!
Dir. John “Bud” Cardos, 1977, 35mm, 97 min.

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