FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS' "Sam Neill Madness Trilogy": In The Mouth Of Madness (producer Sandy King in person!)

The most underrated of John Carpenter’s forays into Lovecraftian-style horror (alongside The Thing and Prince Of Darkness), the gleefully batty In The Mouth Of Madness is a prime vehicle for star Sam Neill to reach the outer limits of beautifully gibbering frenzy. Amongst oddball entries like Children of the Damned and Escape From L.A. in Carpenter’s later filmography, ITMOM has emerged as a career highlight, gaining considerable estimation over the years. Using a Stephen King-esque horror writer as a jumping off point, Carpenter weaves a tense, trippy tale full of freakish abominations, nightmare scenarios and wonderfully unhinged performances; you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a sweat-soaked Neill descend into frothing mania. Old-school latex n’ gore fans will delight at the madness on display here, and as the plot gets more and more twisted, so do the images springing from Carpenter’s fevered imagination. This is a rarely screened horror classic, so why not join us and ol’ Sammy-boy for a quiet night in Hobb’s End? We have only this question to ask: Have you read Sutter Cane? Producer Sandy King in person!
Dir. John Carpenter, 1994, 35mm, 95 min.

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