FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS: Graduation Day (WORLD PREMIERE of brand-new restoration!)

Co-presented by VINEGAR SYNDROME.

Nestled snugly in the cradle of the early-’80s slasher boom, Graduation Day is a perfect crystallization of what was wonderful and sleazy about that golden age of exploitation. Possessing all the scummy charm and blow-dried-and-feathered nostalgia of Sleepaway Camp, this 1981 film from Herb Freed (director of Haunts and Beyond Evil) functions as a decent whodunit, while never sacrificing great kills or peepshow nudity. Telling the tale of a fencing-masked killer stalking gymnasts on the eve of their high school sayonara, Freed’s camera stalks the victims in wonderful, stumbling POV sequences that would later become target fodder for horror-challenged critics like Siskel & Ebert. But we, the converted, know better. Graduation Day is now getting the full, glorious 4K restoration transfer, courtesy of Vinegar Syndrome — but before you catch the new Blu-Ray, peep the film with us as it was meant to be seen on the big screen.
Dir. Herb Freed, 1981, DCP, 96 min.

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