FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS: Christopher Lee Tribute Feat. Horror of Dracula & Dracula A.D. 1972

Of all the great performances Sir Christopher Lee gave over his eight-decade career, none was more memorable and iconic than that of Count Dracula.Though dismissive of the role in later years, Lee imbued his take with a fearsome sexuality that the Universal Studios Draculas could only dream of, cementing him as the standard-bearer for the character from the 1950′s onward. Though he did branch out on one occasion to play a true-to-the-novel version for Jess Franco, the rest of Lee’s Dracula performances fell under the proud Hammer banner, so it is there that we turn to honor the life and passing of one of horror’s all-time greats. Horror of Dracula is Lee’s first time in the cape and was the closest to a “classic” Dracula tale that Hammer attempted. The film, directed by Hammer auteur Terence Fisher, is lush and frightening and features supporting turns from Michael Gough (Batman 89′s Alfred) and Lee’s perennial on-screen nemesis, the equally iconic Peter Cushing. Then, we flash-forward to the swinging 70′s to join young hippies looking for Drac-infused kicks with Dracula AD 1972, a less classic but equally enjoyable fright-fest/freakout, also co-starring Cushing. It’s a double-dose of classic Christopher Lee Dracula so pop in your fangs and come pay tribute to the man!

Dir. Terence Fisher, 1958, 35mm, 82 min.

Dir. Alan Gibson, 1972, 35mm, 96 min.

DJ Mean Mr. Mustard spinnin’ live before the show!

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