FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS: Blue Sunshine (4K Restoration w/ Dir. Jeff Lieberman in person!)

Jeff Lieberman, while not a household name, has nevertheless crafted some memorable horror films in his decades-spanning career, the most memorable of which is arguably Blue Sunshine. One of the wildest in the hippie horror subgenre, it concerns the fallout from an Electric Kool Aid acid test that resurfaces years later in the form of balding, murderous maniacs. Slathered in that awesome 70′s grime, the film is equal parts horrifying and humorous, anchored by the central performance from sleaze-peddling auteur and future 9 1/2 Weeks director Zalman King. Only in recent years has the masterpiece that is Blue Sunshine begun to be appreciated, so you don’t want to miss your chance to dose up and take this rare and freaky trip, with Lieberman in person! Get in the spirit of the film and shave your head (COMPLETELY) for free admission!

Dir. Jeff Lieberman, 1978, 4K DCP Restoration, 94 min.

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