FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS: Baskin (Free Sneak Peek!)

Opening at Arena Cinema April 1st

In the world of modern horror cinema, Turkey hasn’t been known as a major player, but Can Evrenol and his film Baskin are bound and determined to change that. Baskin (translated as police raid) is a deceptively simple story that follows a grimy, greasy, machismo and psychological trauma fueled crew of Turkish policemen as they break every rule in the horror film canon (splitting up, investigating exactly what that sound was, etc…). A refreshingly original horror film, Baskin repurposes the style and attitude of grindhouse cinema of the late 70s/early 80s, absolutely reveling in the inevitable demise of its protagonists. Visceral and surreal,, Baskin is a joyously sickening descent into hell, and culminates in some of the best use of Satan in cinema in the last decade.

Dir. Can Evrenol, 2015, DCP, 97 min.

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