Renoir's French Cancan

Live set by DJ Mean Mr. Mustard

Marking Renoir’s return to Paris after 15 years of making films in the US, French Cancan showcases a spirited, youthful filmmaker eager to put his years in Hollywood to work. Henri Danglard, played with predictable elegance by Jean Gabin, is starting a theatre company called the Moulin Rouge to reinvigorate the Cancan. He gathers the greatest dancers around, including the stunning Françoise Arnoul as the rags-to-riches star of the show, alongside legendary French singers Patachou and Edith Piaf in delightful cameos. Drilling in on the inner-workings, melodrama, romantic entanglements and production of the Moulin Rouge, Cancan culminates in a lavish Technicolor dance number that brings Renoir’s influences (in particular Degas and his own father) to vivid life, in a joyous celebration of vulgarity, dance, and music!

Dir. Jean Renoir, 1954, 16mm, 102 min.