“Mix together one cup of Natural Born Killers with a half-cup of Los Olvidados, sprinkle liberally with freeze-dried bile and bake for 98 minutes… [Matthew] Bright, mercifully, is an allegorist who consistently prefers projectiles to platitudes.” – Allan Ulrich, San Francisco Chronicle

Reese Witherspoon struts her stuff in what is easily one of her best performances, as a jailbait Red Riding Hood named Vanessa tearing down the I-5 to see her granny, all the while being stalked by cunning, murderous pervert/child shrink Bob Wolverton (Kiefer Sutherland). This clever, hilarious genre mishmash marked the directorial debut of former Oingo Boingo member Matthew Bright (who co-wrote Forbidden Zone) and is just as wild as you’d expect, in addition to offering a surprisingly effective parable about the corrosion of the American justice system! Don’t miss this rare opportunity to experience this disturbing and weirdly uplifting gem in a theater the way the movie gods intended.

Dir. Matthew Bright, 1996, 35mm, 110 min.

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