FREE SNEAK PREVIEW: The Raid 2 (director & cast members in person!)

Schedules permitting, filmmaker Gareth Evans & cast members in person! In 2012, a certain Indonesian action flick roared like a freight train through our collective moviegoing consciousness, with all the same wildly entertaining force that heralded the Stateside debuts of stars Jackie Chan and Tony Jaa, or filmmaker John Woo — and we were totally bowled over. U.K. ex-pat Gareth Evans’ impossibly fun The Raid: Redemption — a triumph of sinwey, smart, lightning-fast genre work that showcased the latest bleeding-edge innovations in martial arts moviemaking — left us gasping for more. And as if directly answering our plea, Evans has just given us an even bigger, more ambitious gift. Immediately following the harrowing events of the original, The Raid 2 tracks the first film’s lone battle-beaten cop as he’s pressured to join an anti-corruption task force, in order to guarantee protection for his wife and child. Leaving behind the single locale of the first film’s dystopian apartment block, this epic sequel spills across the streets of Jakarta, from prison yards to subway cars, as Evans packs The Raid 2 with enough jaw-dropping body blows to rival a Hollywood studio’s entire summer slate.
Dir. Gareth Evans, 2014, DCP, 148 min.

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Watch the trailer for “The Raid 2″!
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