Like the undead lovechild of Zombieland and The Road, fest sensation Stake Land is the perfect antidote for the emo-teen vampires of Twilight. These vamps don’t sparkle like couture in the sunlight, and they sure as hell don’t want you to love them — they’re dirty, scary bloodsuckers who’ve become the dominant predators in a post-apocalyptic hell. And it seems vampires aren’t the worst thing out there, as our band of travelers (rounded out by genre favorite Danielle Harris and Kelly “Top Gun” McGillis) run afoul of a religious cult with nefarious designs of their own. Like all good horror yarns, what makes Stake Land special is the characters and the situations, and the film delivers with strong performances and unexpected twists. It all translates into a rockin’ good time for anyone who has ever loved Mad Max, but wished there were more vampires in it!

Dir. Jim Mickle, 2010, 98 min.

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