Director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett have been steadily rocking our world with their collaborative horrorshows A Horrible Way To Die and You’re Next — but they’re taking this thing to a whole other level with The Guest, which merges the mounting dread of Halloween and the firepower of The Terminator to produce a whipcrack genre paella feast. Something is most definitely up when steely-eyed army vet David (Dan Stevens, Downton Abbey) shows up unannounced on the doorstep of a family in mourning over the loss of their son in Afghanistan — and becomes in rapid succession a sterling houseguest, their confidante and their fixer, with the taste of blood on his mind. “The real triumph here is what we’ve come to expect from Wingard and Barrett: undeniable enjoyment…There’s no shame in laughing when a real jerk gets his head smashed in and a high school haunted house is the perfect location for a bloody finale — even if the production design of said haunted house is cool enough to put Universal Studios to shame. Who cares? Just go with it.” ( Schedules permitting, Adam Wingard & Simon Barrett in person!
Dir. Adam Wingard, 2014, DCP, 99 min.

If you’re unable to join us for this special sneak preview, “The Guest” opens in theaters on Wednesday, Sept. 17!

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