FREE SNEAK PREVIEW: James Franco's "Child of God"

“The remarkably prolific James Franco’s recent projects have addressed, in various forms, the idea of the American outsider, from the street hustlers in his My Own Private River installation, through the fetishists of Interior: Leather Bar to performative seances with visual artist Laurel Nakadate. Child of God, adapted from Cormac McCarthy’s novel, extends Franco’s ambitions into considerably more dangerous and disturbing terrain. Lester Ballard (Scott Haze) is an abandoned soul, unable to fit into the social order. As he withdraws into his own mind, he turns to violence and, ultimately, necrophilic relationships, looking for solace in a world that continually rejects him. The town sheriff, both sympathetic to and fearful of the man, slowly closes the net around him — but a mob of townfolk have ideas of their own. Franco hits an impressive new stride as a filmmaker, laying bare his characters against a beautifully textured palette of grey and beige, proposing unusual camera angles to destabilize our expectations. And as the film reaches its surprising climax, his experiments with lighting result in some of the most striking images in cinema this year.” (Noah Cowan, Toronto Int’l Film Festival)
Dir. James Franco, 2013, DCP, 104 min.

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If you’re unable to join us for this sneak preview, “Child of God” opens at the Arclight on Friday, August 1st!

Watch the trailer for “Child of God”!
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