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Filmmaker David Robert Mitchell in person! After a highly successful jaunt on the festival circuit (including Toronto, Sundance and AFI Fest), the indie horror smash It Follows is a breath of fresh, tense air, with a constantly-turning Rubik’s Cube conceit that we couldn’t get enough of. “Stuck with a sexually transmitted serial haunting after a romantic night out, a beautiful nineteen year-old finds herself pursued by a legion of malevolent, lumbering phantoms that will pursue her forever — unless she passes the curse onto someone else. In the light of day she is stalked, attacked by half-naked figures that none of her friends can see. These apparitions are driven by a single desire: to see her dead. Director Mitchell handles teenage sexuality in a non-exploitative and sensitive manner, allowing his characters to make sympathetic choices, yet maintains a chilling atmosphere of dread and suspense amidst the decaying suburbs of Detroit, creating a relentless and deeply creepy monster chase that culminates in a fresh and freaky final showdown.” — Toronto Int’l Film Festival
Dir. David Robert Mitchell, 2014, DCP, 100 min.

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