FREE SNEAK PREVIEW: David Lynch's "Meditation, Creativity, Peace"

Five years ago a team of filmmakers followed David Lynch on a sixteen-country tour documenting a series of lectures and intimate interviews on his creative process and his relationship with Transcendental Meditation. The resulting footage has been compiled into the brand-new documentary Meditation, Creativity, Peace.
“Lynch discusses more than TM here — taking cues from his audiences, he touches on everything from the “huge euphoric freedom” that results from commercial failure to the O.J. Simpson trial (“everybody knows he did that thing”). But he’s most passionate in discussing how a daily meditation practice enables not just inner peace but creativity: Again and again, he describes “diving within” an endless sea where ideas can be caught and people from all walks of life can become better and more creative in their chosen fields.” — The Hollywood Reporter
2012, digital presentation, 71 min.

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Watch the trailer for “Meditation, Creativity, Peace”!
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