Frank Tashlin Tribute: The Disorderly Orderly + Tashlin Toons!

The only director with a style wild and wacky enough to match Jerry Lewis’ manic energy and rubber-limbed physicality (along with the experience and savoir faire to earn his personal respect), Frank Tashlin directed the best Jerry films not directed by the King of Comedy himself. “Tash”, as Lewis affectionately called him, was also a bit of a mentor; Jerry once said Tashlin taught him “everything I ever learned” about filmmaking. And Tash knew a lot: his resumé included creating classic cartoons for both Disney and Warner Brothers, and writing gags for Bob Hope and the Marx Brothers. Tonight, we celebrate Tashlin’s looney legacy with a selection of his greatest cartoon work (screened from rare 16mm and 35mm prints) — and with The Disorderly Orderly, set in a hospital where all the patients seem to be insane, along with at least one orderly to boot. Some of Jerry’s strangest moments ever are all present, including some wicked fourth-wall-breakers, and the legendary full-body cast gag. Plus, Jerry’s constant empathetic reactions to his patients are throughout the film are priceless.
The Disorderly Orderly Dir. Frank Tashlin, 1964, 35mm, 90 min.

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