Four Suns

The first Czech feature ever to compete at Sundance! “A man who has never actually grown up, Jára lives in a cramped apartment with his wife, their toddler, Vena (a teenage son from a previous marriage) — and spends too much time hanging out with his new oddball, New Age mystic friend Karel. After losing his wife’s patience, his connection with an increasingly punk-inspired Vena, and his actory job when caught smoking pot — Jára decides to leave it all behind, to go along on a road trip in order to find Karel’s spiritual master. Director Bohdan Sláma’s sensibility stems from a tender view of ordinary people and their inability to see themselves; like Mike Leigh, Sláma uncannily creates characters that are distinctive, even eccentric, without seeming contrived. Although his characters wrestle with selfishness, infidelity, and despair, they share an inexplicable, innate optimism. In this delicately framed reflection on happiness, Sláma here constructs a story that feels effortless and even magical.” — Sundance Film Festival
Dir. Bohdan Sláma, 2012, 90 min.

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