T.J. MILLER'S HANGOVER MATINEE: feat. live comedy hosted by T.J. Miller, & "Forbidden Zone"

11:30am -12:30pm – back patio brunch
12:30pm -1:30pm-ish – live comedy hosted by T.J. Miller, plus a selection of vintage short film subjects
1:30pm-ish – 3:00pm – Forbidden Zone

What’s the best way to recover from a hangover? Sofa snugglin’, old-time movies, live entertainment, and a bit of the hair of the dog that bit ya! Belief in this undeniable truth (movies + mimosas + madness = happy) was a key point of agreement between us and our newest family member, comedian T.J. Miller. Together, we introduce to you to the Hangover Matinee: a monthly brunch complete with food, coffee, booze, and live comedy — all for anyone who loves both the classic vaudevillian spirit, and old movies in the early afternoon. After the live comedy hosted by T.J. this Sunday, we celebrate the legacy of the late Susan Tyrrell with the key early-’80s classic Forbidden Zone, seen in one of the best ways possible: in the daylight of the early afternoon with a mimosa in hand!

In June, we sadly lost the brassy, bold and beautiful Susan Tyrrell, whose scene-stealing roles in films like Fat City, Forbidden Zone and Cry Baby easily cemented her as one of the all-time queens of cult cinema. A plot synopsis really can’t quite capture the delirious experience of watching this film, which contains freaky star turns by Tyrrell and Herve Villechaize, a frogman in a tuxedo, a human chandelier over the royal table, hordes of topless concubines, a catchy, frantic clutch of Oingo Boingo songs, two bald henchmen in jockstraps, and Danny Elfman as a singing and dancing Satan with a chorus line of ghouls!
Dir. Richard Elfman, 1982, 35mm, 73 min.

Watch the trailer for “Forbidden Zone”!
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