"Food Party" host Thu Tran live!

Modern-day culinary psychedelic puppet pioneer Thu Tran from the hit IFC series “Food Party” comes to the Cinefamily for a rousing evening of wacky artistic exploration! It’s no surprise that the Cinefamily and Everything is Terrible are massive fans of Thu Tran (we mean like, OMG, “will you marry me, Thu!”-type fans) with her experimental use of puppets, greenscreen, Flash animation and a sense of humor that is purer than a freshly Zamboni-ed ice rink. Is it art? Is is comedy? Is Thu Tran inside our heads and creating this show JUST for US? Did she just give birth to a galactic vampire kitten? Join us and find out, as Thu presents clips from her favorite moments on “Food Party”, some of Thu’s never-before-seen food-related video shorts, and an on-stage cooking demo!!!!

Watch an excerpt from IFC’s “Food Party”!