Firesign Theater Tribute (Phil Proctor & Peter Bergman in person!)

Formed in 1966 and still touring today, The Firesign Theatre have released more than two dozen albums worth of “movies for the mind”, millions of which continue to peek out of used record bins everywhere. Though they’re sometimes called the “American Monty Python”, their subversive attitude precluded mainstream media success. Of course, it didn’t help that they were legally prohibited from making films in 1976. Wait, what? Yep, seems their 1971 “Bozos” LP contained ACTUAL SECRET CODES that the military planned to use to deploy dolphins to swim up the Potomac and attack Democrats in Congress. Dude, you’re kidding, right? Well…as Happy Harry says in Everything You Know Is Wrong, “Could BE, could BE!” This rarely-screened film adaptation of Firesign’s 1974 LP of the same name tells the story of paranormal investigator Happy Harry Cox fearlessly reporting on all the earthshaking stories your government doesn’t want you to know about – Aztecs invented the vacation! Men and women are the same sex! And the aliens are coming – to give us all piano lessons! Also screening is Martian Space Party, Firesign’s freewheeling 1972 concert film shot at KPFK at the end of the group’s first golden age of L.A. radio adventures. PLUS: rare gems from the vaults including two of their notorious Jack Poet Volkswagen ‘69 TV ads, and something else SO AWESOME we can’t even tell you about it. Schedules permitting, Firesign founding members Peter Bergman and Phil Proctor will appear at the Cinefamily in person for the show!

Watch our trailer for the Firesign Theater Tribute!