Women of Cinefamily Weekend



Presented by BB Dakota

BUY TICKETS ($10 – $16. Showtimes subject to change):

Women of Cinefamily Weekend Opening Night Party At the Bob Baker Marionette Theater
Thursday, August 18th: 7:30pm

Brie Larson presents The Hunting Ground
Friday, August 19th: 7:30pm

Kate and Laura Mulleavy present Suspiria
Friday, August 19th: 10:30pm

The Mystique Unleashed
Saturday, August 20th: 12:30pm

Show & Tell w/ Chris Kraus
Saturday, August 20th: 7:00pm

A BAND AND A MOVIE: Ladies & Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains + Sky Ferreira
Saturday, August 20th: 10:00pm

We Are Not Alone: The Films of the Unarius Academy of Science
Sunday, August 21st: 6:30pm

Antibirth (LA Premiere) w/ Natasha Lyonne and Danny Perez in person!
Monday, August 22nd: 10:30pm

Antibirth (LA Premiere) w/ director Danny Perez and star Natasha Lyonne in person!

8/22/2016 - 10:30PM

Presented by BB Dakota

With director Danny Perez and stars Natasha Lyonne in person!

Thematically akin to Cronenberg’s The Brood, with a dash of Big Lebowski-level substance abuse and slackerdom, Antibirth is a refreshingly undefinable mash-up of horror and stoner-comedy. Highlighted perfectly by Natasha Lyonne’s characters’ response to finding out she may be pregnant—“I think I’d remember if I had someone’s cock in me”—this meth-addled fever dream is a fearless character study replete with a delightful crew of lady legends including Lyonne, Meg Tilly, and Chloe Sevigny. Giallo-esque flourishes keep the whole affair bathed in the colors of raw emotion, as Antibirth tackles everything from sexual assault to conspiracy theories and the bodily horrors of motherhood.

Dir. Danny Perez, 2016, DCP, 94 mins.

Women of Cinefamily Closing Night Party at the Standard: We Are Not Alone - The Films of the Unarius Academy of Science

8/21/2016 - 6:30PM

Presented by The Front, Cinefamily, The Standard and BB Dakota

Hosted by Jodi Wille, Director of The Source Family

This event will take place off-site at the Standard in Hollywood at 8300 Sunset Blvd.

In the late ‘70s to mid-‘80s the Unarius Brotherhood were on a radical mission: to spread their “interdimensional science of life” and the principles of reincarnation to the masses—via some of most wildly inventive, waaay outside-the-box public access TV programming in America.

Join us at The Standard Hollywood for a blowout celebration of Unarius’s astonishing creative legacy with a photo exhibition and art installation, a Unarius creativity workshop, the release of 33 white doves from the UFO atop the Unarius “Space Cad,” Unarius-inspired bites by Alma at The Standard, and a film program celebrating the legacy of this astounding creative collective, including Jodi Wille’s new short film, We Are Not Alone (commissioned by The Front), a Cinefamily mixtape of great moments of Unariun cinema, and a rare sneak peek of a brand new transfer of the Unariun masterwork film The Arrival! Party to follow!

To help us track attendance, you must pre-register for “first-come, first-serve” admission. Your registration does not guarantee you a seat.

Also, as Cinefamily is a non-profit, all of our donating 1-year “Black Card” members get priority entry to our free shows. Donating for a Cinefamily membership is the perfect way to both support the theater, and to gain access to the early-entry line.

PRIOR TO THE SHOW, you are invited to attend:

“Develop Your Clairvoyant and Creative Potential”
An Art Workshop for Everyone

4-6 p.m. ($10 donation suggested)

Enhance your creative and psychic abilities through your participation in an inspirational, hands-on workshop. Discover where inspiration truly comes from and how to overcome mental blocks to unleash your creative potential. Unariuns Lani Calvert, Billie McIntyre, and Paula Greenwood will facilitate the workshop, which will include an opportunity to create something to take home, using the medium of your choice. Materials will be provided or bring your own if you have them. To RSVP for this art workshop, please email Uriel@unarius.org.

A BAND AND A MOVIE: Ladies & Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains + Sky Ferreira

8/20/2016 - 10PM

Presented by BB Dakota & Don’t Knock the Rock
DJ set from Jenn Prince & Gabrielle Costa from Honey Power

Perennial bad girl and synth/dance/electro-pop princess Sky Ferreira takes the stage to perform in homage to “The Stains” for a special A Band and A Movie show featuring our favorite fictional teen girl band: They’re here and they don’t put out. Babyfaced Diane Lane and Laura Dern ignite the screen with a cinematic rebel yell, a feminist anthem of DIY force that’s both a blueprint for decades of rad music and a prescient foreshadowing of our eat-or-be-eaten media culture. Most of all, it’s a fiery explosion of teen angst, awesome tunes and powerful women. Lane, Dern and Marin Kanter are The Stains, a misfit trio escaping their destined-for-nothing small town lives through sheer will and the sound of punk rock. On tour with the Metal Corpses (fronted by The Tubes’ Fee Waybill) and the Looters (Ray Winstone, giving one of the great actor-as-rock-star performances, and backed by The Clash’s Paul Simonon plus Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones and Paul Cook), the Stains must fight on without burning out. Written by SNL scribe/Oscar-winner Nancy Dowd, and directed by legendary music impresario Lou Adler (Up In Smoke), Stains remains an influential and pointed commentary awaiting rediscovery by a new generation.

Dir. Lou Adler, 1982, 35mm, 87 min.

Show & Tell w/ Chris Kraus

8/20/2016 - 7PM

Presented by BB Dakota

A series that invites artists, filmmakers, musicians and other cultural heroes to divulge their deepest, darkest media obsessions by opening their closets, digging through their attic and plundering their garages to curate an evening of…whatever they want to share! From thrift store finds to late-night Tivo, from foreign film bootlegs to home movies, from the popular to the perverse –- all media will be presented live by the honored guests, as they take us on a personal tour of the audio, video and other ephemera that has inspired them, delighted them, or just plain freaked them out.

Chris Kraus is a writer and filmmaker, known for the explosively popular epistolary novel I Love Dick, along with Aliens and Anorexia, Torpor, and the essay collection Where Art Belongs. Kraus is the co-editor of Semiotext(e) and founder of the publisher’s Native Agents imprint. She is currently working on a book about the late author Kathy Acker.

The Mystique Unleashed followed by BB Dakota Brunch and a Screening of Short Films

8/20/2016 - 12:30PM

Presented by BB Dakota
DJ set by Nina Tarr!

A group show & tell followed by brunch and short film screenings by Sarah Ramos and Alexi Wasser

Who knew the selfie would turn out to be so powerful? Social media has allowed young artists and creatives to communicate directly with their audiences, which in turn has ushered in an evolution of form. Guests–including Lina Esco of Free the Nipple, actress and social media artist Lauren Avery, podcast host Alexi Wasser, and Official Sean Penn (Caroline Goldfarb)–will each speak about their use of social media and share visual materials.

Fluffy, Dir. Sarah Ramos, 2016, digital presentation, 8 mins.
Love Alexi, Dir. Alexi Wasser, 2016, digital presentation, 8 mins.

Kate and Laura Mulleavy present Suspiria

8/19/2016 - 11PM

Presented by BB Dakota
DJ Set from Diana Diaz & Mikki Itzigsohn of Honey Power!

Both the pinnacle of his career and of the giallo subgenre, Dario Argento’s Suspiria ranks in the pantheon of the greatest horror movies of all time, and with damn good reason. Masterfully employing dream logic (the script was co-written by then wife Daria Nicolodi) and gloriously garish lighting techniques, the film is a true modern fairy tale that tells the story of a ballet student (Jessica Harper) who transfers to a German dance academy only to find it is run by a coven of murderous witches. Argento’s command of shock and suspense is on full display in every blood-soaked scene, but the true secret weapon of Suspiria is the unbelievably scary and propulsive score by the prog rock band Goblin. It all adds up to that rare witches brew: a perfect horror experience, and one that demands its spell be cast on the big screen.

Dir. Dario Argento, 1977, 35mm, 98 min.

Brie Larson presents The Hunting Ground

8/19/2016 - 7:30PM

Presented by BB Dakota

Academy Award winner and Women of Cinefamily founder Brie Larson will introduce The Hunting Ground, the 2015 documentary on sexual assault on college campuses. Following the screening, Larson will moderate a discussion with End Rape on Campus co-founders Annie Clark and Andrea Pino.

Dir. Kirby Dick, 2015, Digital Presentation, 103 min.

Women of Cinefamily Opening Night Party (Off-site at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater)

8/18/2016 - 7:30PM

Presented by BB Dakota

Co-presented by Cinefamily EXP

DJ set by Taylor Rowley from The Windmills Of Your Mind on KXLU

Women of Cinefamily weekend opens with an evening of portraits-of-the-artists-as-young-women, at the Bob Baker Marionette theater! Featuring: Japanese artist and master of the polka-dot Yayoi Kusama’s Self-Obliteration, shot by Jud Yalkut; Bruce Conner’s The White Rose, which chronicles the removal of The Rose—Jay DeFeo’s nearly one-ton masterpiece—from her San Francisco studio; and We Have No Art, Baylis Glascock’s portrait of American Catholic nun and pop artist Sister Corita Kent.

Curator and artist Alia Penner will deck out the historic theater, revealing a newly painted exterior. Visuals by Zena Grey of the Lost & Found Film Club, plus a special installation by Ariana Papademetropoulos and performance by LA women artists!

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