We’ve long been fans of live score events, and with years of them under our belt, it’s time to push that form even further into unexplored territories. Enter VideoSonics: a new playground for forward-thinking A/V remixes and fresh takes on the live score phenomenon.



VideoSonics: L.A. Takedown VS The Hitcher

6/23/2016 - 10PM

L.A. Takedown—no, not the 1989 Michael Mann thriller—is a music project led by Aaron M. Olson. Cinematically minded—the group’s recent release was a 42-minute single track set to a super edit of real-time sunset footage shot in and around LA, Ventura, Wonder Valley, Birch Bay, WA, and Belize—the group is a natural choice for VideoSonics, our forward-thinking iteration of the live score phenomenon.

The group’s seven musicians—all cinephiles—could have deliberated endlessly when choosing a film due for some visual/sonic experiments, yet they found common ground with The Hitcher: “A devastating and concise bullet, a semi-spectral killing machine, sun bleached desert-scapes, the annihilation of swathes of highway patrolmen, bifurcation via semi-truck… The film is an energetic and brutal potpourri of genre magnificence that turns a cat-and-mouse chase into an existential nightmare” (Matt Hewitt, UCLA Film & TV Archive).

Dir Robert Harmon, 1986.

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VideoSonics: Last Lizard (fka Dirty Beaches) VS News From Home

1/14/2016 - 10PM

Live set by DJ Emily T. of Origami Vinyl

“The narrative of the foreigner adrift in the American landscape has always been at the heart of what I do” —Alex Zhang Hungtai (Last Lizard, Dirty Beaches).

Hungtai is Taiwanese-Canadian in origin, and an Angeleno for now—but has consistently found himself in the role foreigner, living everywhere from Honolulu to Lisbon and Berlin. These global perambulations, along with a deep and true cinephilia (most famously the films of Wong Kar-wai), have together been key influences on his art. It seems natural to us, that when asked to musically reimagine or meditate on a film of his choosing, he would find himself drawn to Chantal Akerman’s 1977 hypnotic depiction of New York City, News From Home.

Here, a young Akerman, newly relocated from Belgium to New York City, shares her persistent, thoughtful gaze with the viewer, her lense affixing itself to the movements of the great metropolis, stepping back and leaving a space for contemplation. For this special one-night “collaboration,” Last Lizard takes that place, interpreting and responding to Akerman’s images in a unique musical performance.

In Hungtai’s words, “Our narrative is never definitive, trapped between origin and destination, anchored by neither. But between point A and B lies a third vantage point, perhaps expressed by the image of the receding skyline in the finale of the film.”

Dir. Chantal Akerman, 1977

VideoSonics: Xiu Xiu VS Under the Blossoming Cherry Trees

7/30/2015 - 10:30PM

Co-presented by WOAH & TigerBeat6.

Pod Blotz – Funeral Parade Of Roses (Matsumoto, 1969)
Suzy Poling

Xiu Xiu – Under Blossoming Cherry Trees (Shiroda, 1975)
Feat. an original score by Xiu Xiu

Live For Each Moon VS Crocodile (Ki Duk, Kim 1996)

Special invitation sneak peek of Mila Zuo and Angela Seo’s new short film exploring the dark undercurrents of Asian fetish, Carnal Orient. Feat. a score by Angela Seo.
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After the show stick-around for a reception party on the patio featuring more subsequent stimuli screened inside. Carnal-oriented beverages, snacks, snip-its and peeks… among other corporeal treats… will be showcased and sufficed to benefit festival submission funds for Carnal Orient.

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