St. John’s Well Child and Family Center
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Guest-curated and hosted by Zackary Drucker


TransNation Film Festival is a three-day festival guest-curated and hosted by Zackary Drucker featuring an eclectic program of the best new features and shorts, rare and underseen gems, and classic titles that reflect the trans experience.

Filmmakers, actors, and special guests present these works, including a sneak preview of the new film More Than T by Silas Howard, the Los Angeles premiere of the short Diane from the Moon starring Mya Taylor, the documentary MAJOR! about the life and times of transgender elder and activist Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, and a celebratory screening of the rarely-seen 1968 pageant documentary The Queen, with a special West Coast appearance from queer icon Flawless Sabrina.

Proceeds from this festival benefit St. John’s Well Child and Family Center Transgender Health Program, a non-profit organization that provides comprehensive transgender health services in a safe and welcoming environment to people in Los Angeles, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, or presentation.


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BUY TICKETS ($12 – 14. Showtimes subject to change):

Thursday, October 20th: 7:00pm

Special Shorts Program I (curated by Zackary Drucker w/ special guests Dirs. Hanna Ladoul and Marco La Via, Paul Monroe and more!
Thursday, October 20th: 9:30pm

Female Trouble
Thursday, October 20th: Midnite

Special Industry Panel with Geena Rocero and Allison Hoffman of Gender Proud Productions
Friday, October 21st: 3:00pm

La Visita
Friday, October 21st: 5:00pm

Special Shorts Program II (curated by Zackary Drucker w/ special guests Silas Howard, Jen Richards, Giselle Messina, Mia Yamamoto, Rain Valdez and more!)
Friday, October 21st: 7:15pm

The Queen + Queens at Heart (w/ special guest Flawless Sabrina!)
Friday, October 21st: 9:30pm

Something Must Break
Friday, October 21st: Midnite

In a Year with 13 Moons
Sunday, October 23rd: 4:15pm

Free CeCe (w/ Dir. Jacqueline Gares in person!)
Sunday, October 23rd: 7:00pm

A Tribute to Holly Woodlawn (presented by Zackary Drucker w/ special guests!)
Sunday, October 23rd: 9:30pm

Sunday, October 23rd: 11:45pm


10/23/2016 - 11:44PM

With special guests TBA

Also screening This Is Me: “Bathrooms”

A disembodied voice beckons us deep into the rich history of the Silver Platter, Los Angeles’s longest-standing gay bar, the lifeblood—and a lifeline—for the mostly Latino LGBT community of MacArthur Park. Club regulars address their warm sense of family alongside the continued plight of undocumented workers, alluding to the activism sometimes necessary to maintain the safety of an oft-maligned community. When a younger generation—their interest piqued by the club’s decades of history, wild energy and spirit—moves in on the sacred grounds of the pioneers of Latino queer nightlife, will the vanguard embrace the changes inherent in an exuberant new wave, with their countercultural performance art and new perspectives? Can a scrappy crew of art kids truly create a reinvigorated, safe space for both the young and the old? The Silver Platter suggests there’s room within her walls for everyone.

Dir. Wu Tsang, 2012, Digital Presentation, 73 min.

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Holly Woodlawn Tribute presented by Zackary Drucker

Warhol Star Holly Woodlawn
10/23/2016 - 9:30PM

With very special guests!

Before being famously canonized in Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side” and Paul Morrissey’s Trash and Women in Revolt, Puerto Rican superstar Holly Woodlawn hitchhiked in her high heels from the Miami she’d always called home to an early 60s New York City, where she subsequently fell in with Warhol’s Factory crowd, dabbled with substance abuse and petty public crimes, and emerged a singular figure, worthy of legend. Before her death in late 2015, Woodlawn had appeared in over two dozen films, firmly cementing herself as a vocal, visible figure within and for the active queer communities on both coasts. A specially curated Cinefamily original mix tape of film appearances, talk show moments and candid interview segments, along with additional Woodlawn wonders, will narrate the life of a trans legend too-soon gone from the glittering, fabulous screen.

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FREE Cece!

10/23/2016 - 7PM

Q&A with director Jacqueline Gares

TransNation Sylvia Rivera Award presented to Tiq Milan by Jim Mangia, CEO of St. John’s Well Child and Family Center

Also featuring This Is Me: “Generations”

Free CeCe! follows CeCe McDonald, a transgender woman of color who was imprisoned after surviving a racist and transphobic attack in Minneapolis in 2011. Exploring her incarceration, eventual release, and life after imprisonment—as an activist and prison abolitionist—Jacqueline Gares and Laverne Cox’s hugely significant film is one of indomitable spirit; boldly confrontational in the face of systematic injustice. (Laura Nicholson)

Dir. Jacqueline Gares, 2016, DCP, 100 min.

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In a Year with 13 Moons

10/23/2016 - 4:15PM

35mm print courtesy of the TIFF Film Reference Library

Fassbinder’s second best film (by his own estimation), In a Year With 13 Moons tells the story of a few days in the life of Elvira, a trans woman–formerly Erwin–and her dealings with the past as she comes to terms with her present. Drawing heavily from Hans Christian Andersen’s 1836 The Little Mermaid, Goethe’s Torquato Tasso, and Schopenhauer’s affirmational musings on suicide, 13 Moons is one of the greatest achievements of his absurdly prolific, all-too-short career. Though known for taking on many jobs on his film sets, this film is the only one for which Fassbinder served as director, editor, producer, writer and set designer–making this arguably the closest to pure, uncut Fassbinder the world was ever given. Dark and honest, In A Year with 13 Moons remains a universally relatable, melancholic lament for human closeness, and that elusive thing called love.

Dir. Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1978, 35mm, 124 min.

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Something Must Break

10/21/2016 - 11:59PM

VIP ticket includes first entry, reserved couch seating, and access to VIP patio and reception

A thirst-quenching-ly fresh take on youthful restlessness and transgressive romance and a notable entry in the burgeoning canon of transgender cinema, transgender filmmaker Ester Martin Bergsmark’s (She Male Snails) Something Must Break is an assured, artful meditation, stunningly lensed and steeped in morphing ideals of gender fluidity. With a trance/dance-inducing soundtrack by Tami Tamaki and Olof Dreijer (of The Knife), starring performance artist Iggy Malmborg and Saga Becker in a shockingly candid performance as protagonist Sebastian/Ellie—Something manages to be aggressively punk in attitude, transgressive in execution, while wearing its heart firmly on its sleeve with lines like, “You’re so beautiful I want to vomit.”

Dir. Ester Martin Bergsmark, 2014, DCP, 85 min.

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The Queen + Queens at Heart

10/21/2016 - 9:15PM

VIP ticket includes first entry, reserved couch seating, and access to VIP patio and reception

w/ Flawless Sabrina, star of The Queen in person!

The drag queens of the Miss All-American Camp Beauty Pageant in NYC burst off the screen in this quintessential 1967 documentary. The spark that would lead to Paris Is Burning, The Queen is a tragically underseen, rare, and vital piece of the story of drag in America. Beyond documenting the pageant, the film transports us backstage, where the contestants dive into conversations on sexual identity, draft boards, sex change operations, and more–culminating with one contestant’s outburst in response to the racism within the drag scene. With judges including Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick, and guests like Terry Southern and Larry Rivers, we dare you to resist this film, these queens, and a delectable slice of late 60s drag panoply—on a rare 35mm print!

Dir. Frank Simon, 1968, 35mm, 68 min.

A rare archival short, Queens at Heart follows four shockingly courageous pre-Stonewall trans women, Misty, Vicky, Sonja, and Simone. They go out as women at night, but live as men during the day, take hormones, and dream of “going for a change.” Subjected to a six-month psychological project, and cross-examined by dubious “experts” all four women are incredibly captivating subjects—whether being interrogated or partying at the ball. (Jenni Olson)

Released in 1967, 35mm, 22 min.

Queens at Heart 35mm restored print courtesy of the UCLA Film & Television Archive. Restoration funding provided by the Outfest UCLA Legacy Project.

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Special Shorts Program II (curated by Zackary Drucker)

10/21/2016 - 7:30PM

VIP ticket includes first entry, reserved couch seating, and access to VIP patio and reception

w/ special guests Silas Howard, Jen Richards, Giselle Messina, Mia Yamamoto, Rain Valdez, Marianna Marroquin, Buck Angel, and more!

More than T (Sneak Preview!)
Dir. Silas Howard, 2016, 23 min.

Elliot King Is Third
Dir. Rose Troche, 2013, 20 min.

Technical Difficulties of Intimacy (LA premiere w/ Marianna Marroquin & Buck Angel in person!)
Dir. Joel Moffett, 2015, 20 min.

Dir. Rain Valdez, 2016, Digital Presentation, 14 min.

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La Visita

10/21/2016 - 5PM

VIP ticket includes first entry, reserved couch seating, and access to VIP patio and reception

A Bergman-esque masterwork of familial drama, Mauricio López Fernández’s La Visita presents an eerily calm, civil look at what happens to a conservative Chilean family when their prodigal son returns as a woman, for her father’s funeral. Anchored by an unshakable performance from Daniela Vega as the wayward child, and imbued with the patience, understanding, maturity and most importantly, comedic instincts, of familial drama-obsessed filmmakers such as Arnaud Desplechin and Aki Kaurismäki, La Visita feels far more like the work of a seasoned filmmaker than a debut.

Dir. Mauricio López Fernández, 2014, DCP, 82 min.

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Special Industry Panel w/ Geena Rocero and Allison Hoffman of Gender Proud Productions

10/21/2016 - 3PM

Geena Rocero and Allison Hoffman in conversation with Jen Richards and Zackary Drucker!

Geena Rocero and Allison Hoffman are founders of Gender Proud Productions, a new kind of production company: trans-focused and trans-specific, with a goal to use media to elevate justice and equality for the transgender community. Since its founding in 2014, content produced by Gender Proud has been viewed over 5 million times. In conversation with actress, writer, and producer Jen Richards and Zackary Drucker, this panel will focus on producing trans-related media today and what it means to start and run a successful trans-specific production company, and what it means to produce and sell trans-focused content to producers and find an audience. Filmmakers, talent, and the general public are encouraged to attend.

In order to attend the screening, you must RSVP here. Your RSVPs will helps us gauge attendance. You will receive an RSVP confirmation email 48 hrs prior to the event.

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Female Trouble

10/20/2016 - MIDNITE

VIP ticket includes first entry, reserved couch seating, and access to VIP patio and reception

“I’d like to introduce the most beautiful woman in the world: the fabulous Dawn Davenport.”

Reeling from the cult success of Pink Flamingos, trash hounds everywhere wondered how the future “King of Bad Taste” would follow up on his previous doses of celluloid ipecac. What does one do when they’ve already pushed the limits of filth to the nth degree? In John Waters’ case, he takes it to O with this mascara-stained, good-girl-gone bad B-movie send-up/crime epic Female Trouble. Dawn Davenport (played by the paramountly influential Divine) ascends from humble beginnings as a petty, cha-cha heel-less swindler to a criminal whose cult of personality becomes equal to (then) contemporaries such as Manson, Tex Watson, or Richard Speck. Waters distorts the boundaries of crime and beauty to be spoken in the same “bad” breath, with the usual cast of Dreamlanders (Mink Stole, Mary Vivian Pearce, Edith Massey, David Lochary), definitive set design from long time collaborator Vincent Peranio, and one of the best theme songs of all time. Rat your hair, inject some liquid mascara, and put on your cha-cha heels for this under-appreciated Waters’ classic.

Dir. John Waters, 1974, 35mm, 89 min.

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Special Shorts Program I (curated by Zackary Drucker)

10/20/2016 - 9:30PM

VIP ticket includes first entry, reserved couch seating, and access to VIP patio and reception

Featuring new shorts and a tribute to Greer Lankton (w/ special guests directors Hanna Ladoul and Marco La Via, director Juan Carlos Zaldivar, Paul Monroe and more!)

Alterations (Q&A w/ Juan Carlos Zaldivar!)
Dir. Juan Carlos Zaldivar, 2016, Digital Presentation, 19 min.

Soless (Q&A w/ Dir. Carman Spoto!)
Dir. Carman Spoto, 2016, DCP, 7 min.

Diane from the Moon (Los Angeles premiere + Q&A w/ Dirs. Hanna Ladoul & Marco La Via!)
Dir. Marco La Via & Hanna Ladoul, 2016, 11 min.

The Contortionist by Greer Lankton (introduction by Zackary Drucker + special guest Paul Monroe–Lankton’s husband and archivist)

In the early 1980s, when New York City’s East Village was teeming with the likes of Nan Goldin, Iggy Pop, and Cinema of Transgression founder Nick Zedd, artist Greer Lankton was making her dolls. Assigned male at birth in a late-1950s midwestern United States, her obsession with high fashion and the Golden Age of Hollywood propelled not just her own evolving identity expression, but also the fantastical realism and somewhat bleak bohemia that would become the hallmark imbued in each of her uncannily sculpted figurines. Sometimes life-size, other times miniature in stature and intermittently dismembered, Lankton’s ambisexual creatures evoke reactions that swing on a hinge somewhere between rejection and desire, holding up a mirror not just to her artist friends and muses but to her inner conflict of self-representation. Honored through an excavation of Lankton’s unique “grammar of representation,” the night will include interview footage from the 1995 Whitney Biennial and her solo Mattress Factory exhibition, It’s All About ME, Not You, and other rare moments of the late artist on film.

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10/20/2016 - 7PM

VIP ticket includes first entry, reserved couch seating, and access to VIP patio and reception

w/ TransNation Jose Julio Sarria Award presentation to Miss Major Griffin-Gracy (video acceptance speech)

+ Q&A with Chandi Moore!

Major! explores the life and campaigns of Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, a formerly
incarcerated Black transgender elder and activist who has been fighting for the rights of trans women of color for over 40 years. Miss Major is a veteran of the Stonewall Rebellion and a survivor of Attica State Prison, a former sex worker, an elder, and a community leader and human rights activist. She is simply “Mama” to many in her community. Her personal story and activism for transgender civil rights intersects LGBT struggles for justice and equality from the 1960s to today. At the center of her activism is her fierce advocacy for her girls, trans women of color who have survived police brutality and incarceration in men’s jails and prisons.

Major! is more than just a biographical documentary: It’s an investigation into
critical issues of how the Prison Industrial Complex represents a widespread and systematic civil rights violation, as well as a historical portrait of diverse LGBT communities, told with love and humor, and personalized through the lens of a vibrant and charismatic woman. Through first-person narration and innovative visual storytelling, Major! seeks to create a living, breathing history of a community’s struggle and resilience, as seen and experienced by those who lived it.

Dirs. Annalise Ophelian and StormMiguel Florez, 2015, DCP, 85 min.

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