The 1st Annual Wayne Federman International Film Festival

Featuring live appearances by Garry Shandling, Margaret Cho, Doug Benson, Kevin Pollak and Andy Kindler!



Wayne Federman is a “That Guy”; we are subconsciously familiar with his face, burned into the vacuum tubes of our minds like an errant screensaver. Although his name may not be as familiar, trolling the communal id will reveal his patented one-scene “Federman-and-outs” in a slew of high-profile films: Legally Blonde, 40-Year-Old Virgin, Funny People, Step Brothers, 50 First Dates — plus substantial arcs in shows like X-Files. The Larry Sanders Show and Curb Your Enthusiasm. So when Wayne came to us with the novel idea for a film festival of repertory films curated by stand-up comedians — we were interested. When Wayne explained that the comedians would not only select films that were personally inspiring and influential to them, but would also intro the film, perform, and participate in a post-screening Q&A, we did what any right-thinking movie theater should do — we said YES.


NOTE: Films and performers are subject to change…and, stay tuned for surprise special guests throughout the fest!

Andy Kindler presents "Modern Romance"

Andy Kindler in person!
1/14/2012 - 10:30PM

Every summer, Andy Kindler presents his much-anticipated “State of the Industry” address at the Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. It is from these legendary “bite the hand that feeds you” take-downs of show business that Andy gained his reputation as the “comedian’s comedian.” One of his greatest followers is David Letterman, who not only brings Andy on The Late Show for stand-up segments, but also sends him out as a correspondent to get his take on everything from the Super Bowl, to tattoo parlors, to life coaches. We’re lucky to grab Andy from his busy touring schedule to get his take on Albert Brooks’ classic ‘80s cringe comedy, Modern Romance — a hilarious and gut-wrenching look at love, obsession, and hyper-neurosis. In a brilliant skewering of West Coast yuppie ennui, Brooks stars as a film editor whose emotional problems block him from enjoying even the simplest of love’s pleasures. Andy Kindler will be here at the Cinefamily to perform, as well as introduce the film, and participate in a Q&A afterwards!
Dir. Albert Brooks, 1981, 35mm, 93 min.

Watch a vintage TV commercial for “Modern Romance”!
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Kevin Pollak presents "The In-Laws"

Kevin Pollak in person!
1/14/2012 - 7:30PM

Some may know Kevin from his wildly successful Internet show, “The Kevin Pollak Chat Show,” but many stand-up fans still recall watching a young Kevin on “The Tonight Show”, as he rolled out his incredible impressions while an amazed Johnny Carson rocked with laughter — and of course, cinephiles are familiar with Kevin’s notable turns in dozens of films (Avalon, The Usual Suspects, Casino, A Few Good Men, The Whole Nine Yards, Cop Out, etc.) Kevin’s impressions are so sharp that he once left a prank voicemail on Alan Arkin’s answering machine that a confused Arkin thought he’d left for himself — and it is one of Arkin’s classics that Kevin is presenting here at the festival: The In-Laws. The affable Arkin plays a middle-class dentist who slowly gets sucked into a deadly world-wide counterfeiting conspiracy, and Peter Falk is Vince, a man who is certifiable, or a CIA agent…or maybe both. It’s a dangerous world of giant baby-stealing flies, ventriloquist dictators, and an airfield in Scranton. Kevin Pollak will be here at the Cinefamily to perform, as well as introduce the film, and participate in a Q&A afterwards!
Dir. Arthur Hiller, 1979, 103 min.

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Doug Benson's Movie Interruption: Cocktail!

A special festival Interruption!
1/13/2012 - 11PM

A special WFiFF installment of Doug Benson’s Movie Interruption, where Doug and a hand-picked selection of fellow comedians (who, in the past, have included everyone from Brian Posehn to Sarah Silverman and Zack Galifianakis) chill on the front row couches, mics in hand, and say whatever hilarious thing pops into their heads while a movie of their choosing unfolds on the screen. For January, they rock it with the cheeze-tastic 1988 Tom Cruise vehicle Cocktail!
Dir. Roger Donaldson, 1988, 35mm, 104 min.

Watch an excerpt from “Cocktail”!
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Jeff Garlin presents "Topsy-Turvy"!

Jeff Garlin in person!
1/13/2012 - 7:30PM

Jeff Garlin (“Curb Your Enthusiasm”) presents Mike Leigh’s fantastic period piece Topsy-Turvy, a richly detailed character study of Victorian theater legends Gilbert and Sullivan and their attempt to resurrect their careers by staging the operetta “The Mikado.” Jeff Garlin will be here at the Cinefamily to perform, as well as introduce the film!
Dir. Mike Leigh, 1999, 35mm, 160 min.

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Margaret Cho presents "Darling"

Margaret Cho in person!
1/12/2012 - 10:45PM

One of our most prolific stand-ups, Margaret Cho hits the road every year, continues to generate hour upon hour of hilarious new material, has created six feature-length specials — and can also add actress, author, singer-songwriter, and activist (she’s such a do-gooder there’s an official Margaret Cho day in San Francisco) to her resume. In between all that and trips to the tattoo parlor, Margaret taught herself guitar and how to ride a motorcycle. Although she is the youngest presenter at the WFiFF, she has selected the film of the greatest vintage: Darling, the searing story of Julie Christie as an ambitious model navigating ‘60s Swinging London at the dawn of the sexual revolution. Darling gave Christie the 1965 Academy Award for Best Actress – and gave Margaret Cho a film to adore for life, as she’s remarked: “It’s my favorite film…I know every line.” Margaret Cho will be here at the Cinefamily to perform, as well as introduce the film, and participate in a Q&A afterwards!
Dir. John Schlesinger, 1965, 35mm, 128 min.

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Garry Shandling presents "The King Of Comedy"

Garry Shandling in person!
1/12/2012 - 7:30PM

Garry Shandling is simply one of the most influential comedians of our time. His first appearance on the Tonight Show came just three years after he began performing stand-up, and soon after that he was sitting behind Carson’s legendary desk, guest-hosting the show. It was during those stints filling in for Johnny that Garry began to formulate the aesthetic of his transcendent and legendary HBO comedy series The Larry Sanders Show: a hilarious and painfully truthful behind-the-scenes examination of a late-night network talk show. Garry is the dream comedian to kick-off the WFiFF, and for his film pick, has decided to present 1983’s The King of Comedy, Martin Scorsese’s fascinating and disturbing tale of fame. This dark comedy follows Robert De Niro as a delusional comedy nerd who’ll go to truly insane lengths to get onto a famous TV talk show hosted by Jerry Lewis. Essential viewing. Garry Shandling will be here at the Cinefamily to perform, as well as introduce the film, and participate in a Q&A afterwards!
Dir. Martin Scorsese, 1983, 35mm, 109 min.

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