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Silent film fans, the time has come to rejoice! Now on the second Saturday of every month, get ready to receive The Silent Treatment: our ongoing series of artfully chosen feature films from all corners of the pre-sound era — choice picks that are rarely screened theatrically, or are not available on DVD! Curated by film archivists/TST Newsletter publishers Brandee Cox and Steven Hill, The Silent Treatment showcases a wide variety of early cinema in the best available formats for film lovers with an enthusiastic and adventurous spirit. For breaking news on what films/special guests will be on tap for future shows, check out TST’s Facebook fan page! In addition, get the lowdown on all your favorite silent stars and filmmakers with TST’s bi-monthly digest, available for free download at the Silent Treatment website!

Three Ages (new restoration!)

three ages
4/15 - 2PM
$12/free for members

One of the earliest Keaton features, Three Ages uses the multi-part structure of D.W. Griffith’s epic Intolerance both as a form of parody, and for practical reasons. At the time, it was unproven whether or not Buster could successfully wear multiple hats (writing, directing and acting) on a feature film, so should the venture have tanked, it was deliberately built so that it could be cut and re-distributed into three separate two-reelers, a form he had already conquered. In the film, Buster plays a young man in competition for a lady’s hand, in a story told across three time periods: the Stone Age, the Roman Empire and the present day. It was also the first film to use the talents of Keaton’s loyal staff of comedy writers, who would remain with him throughout most of the ‘20s. Lucky for us, its modest success paved the way for an extraordinary string of almost a dozen more silent features from Keaton before the end of the decade.

Dirs. Buster Keaton & Eddie Cline, 1923, DCP, 111 min.