The Artist and The Computer: A Proto-CGI Festival

The Artist & The Computer #2: Auteurs and Experiments

6/20/2014 - 8PM

“As an artist using a machine I can’t even fathom the speed of, I have to bring to it imagination, intuition and emotion. It’s the same intuitive approach as oil painting. The only things missing are the smells of the paint.” — Lillian Schwartz

Further back in time from the vast Uncanny Valley of the Dolls in which big-time CGI entertainment, video games and advertising roam lies the visual music and wondrous landscapes of the first computer auteurs. Amongst the engineers working on early governmental research technology were a handful of clever and driven souls who benefitted from the largesse of orgs like Bell Labs, Boeing and MIT while pursuing dreams of the first digital fine art on film. As a follow-up to our previous guided tour of the Information Age’s “big bang”, tonight’s program of full-length works by major pioneers John Whitney, Sr., Larry Cuba, John Stehura, Lillian Schwartz, Richard Baily, Ed Emshwiller and Stan VanDerBeek has been hand-picked by CG raconteur/digital daredevil Diane Piepol and the Cinefamily crew. Come get lost in the infinite-colored 1s ‘n ‘0s zone!

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The Artist & The Computer #1: Pioneers of CGI, 1963-1990

6/19/2014 - 7:30PM

There is now not a urban human on earth (save for your great-grandma) who can fully wade in the waters of a computer-less environment — which is why, now more than ever, vanguard animation from the dawn of our Information Age holds such excitingly juicy potential for rediscovery. Colorful, crafty, clever, geometric, playful, psychedelic and totally transportive — these are but a few ways to describe the infinite innovation on display in these times. First born out of government labs and R&D centers, the proto-CGI universe of was a magnificent playground where artists, scientists and other keepers of the faith strived to synergize mechanical fireworks with human consciousness. For this sweeping historical buffet, we welcome CG raconteur/digital daredevil Diane Piepol to reach deep into the vaults with us for a loving compilation of commercials, tests, film excerpts and ephemera, addressing everything from the earliest days of cutting-edge green-on-black all the way up through to the medium’s breakthrough moment in the late-’80s.

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “The Artist and the Computer”!