Special Events-November 2011

FREE SNEAK PREVIEW: The Death And Return Of Superman (director & cast in person!)

From the screenwriter of Chronicle!
11/27/2011 - 12PM

NOTE: This show is free (first-come, first-serve). To help us track attendance and limit waiting line size, you must pre-register for “first-come, first-serve” admission. One registration per person. All current Cinefamily members get first entry. Your registration does not guarantee you a seat. Early arrival is highly recommended. Doors will open 30 min. before showtime. No one will be admitted after the film has begun.

Starring Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore, Elden Henson, Morgan Krantz, Zach Cregger, Ron Howard, Simon Pegg, Sarah Shahi, and Barats And Beretta! Forever changing the world of comic books, the notorious “Death and Return Of Superman” comic storyline touched not just faithful readers, but echoed throughout the entire land, as every major news outlet reported on our national icon The Man Of Steel, and even ‘90s “alternative” rock group Our Lady Peace wrote a hit single bemoaning his demise. One casual side effect: forever splintering the integrity of the comic book industry, as Superman came right on back, and millions were left in a headspin. In the comedic viral tradition of Drunk History and RedLetterMedia, writer/director Max Landis — following up his previous comics videos Cooking with Comics: Knightfall and Vague Recollections of: Watchmen — shows us through reenactment just how out-of-hand “The Death Of Superman” became, and how it affected the entire comics world. Join writer/director Max Landis, along with (schedules permitting) Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore, Elden Henson, Morgan Crantz, Zack Cregger and composer Evan Goldman, for a Q&A after the screening!

Tickets – free admission (first-come, first-serve with registration)

NOTE: This show is free (first-come, first-serve). To help us track attendance and limit waiting line size, you must pre-register for “first-come, first-serve” admission. One registration per person. All current Cinefamily members get first entry. Black Card 1-year members get +1. Your registration does not guarantee you a seat. Early arrival is highly recommended. Doors will open 30 min. before showtime. No one will be admitted after the film has begun.

Process Media presents Aliens From Spaceship Earth (director & other special guests in person!)

A magic carpet ride through 1970s alt spirituality!
11/20/2011 - 6PM
Co-presented by Process Media

Take a wild and woolly magic carpet ride through the post-psychedelic alternative spirituality explosion of the ‘60s and ‘70s with Don Como’s Aliens From Spaceship Earth! Featuring on-screen narration and soundtrack by Donovan, the film features rare footage of the most popular and controversial cosmic leaders of the time, including Sai Baba, Yogi Bhahan, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Guru Maharaj Ji, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Ram Dass and Father Yod, with jaw-dropping footage of thousands of white, middle class young people walking barefoot across coals, being kidnapped by “deprogrammers,” engaging in tantric sex, and devoting themselves wholly to the radical, transformational practices and teachings of their “alien” spiritual teachers. Plus, it also has celebs Cybil Shepard, Martin Landau, “Chicago 7” activist Rennie Davis, Leigh Taylor Young, Linda Day George, and Raymond Burr, getting ecstatic about their gurus and God. One of the only films of its era to counteract the mass media’s anti-cult backlash that demonized a generation of seekers, Aliens… provides potent insight into a ‘70s subculture still vastly misunderstood today. After the screening (only its second public showing in 30 years), join Process Media’s Jodi Wille in a live conversation with director Don Como and very special guests from two of the spiritual groups represented in the film!
Dir. Don Como, 1977, DigiBeta, 70 min.

Watch an excerpt from “Aliens From Spaceship Earth”!

"The Adventures of Pete & Pete" tribute & live panel (cast & co-creators in person!)

11/19/2011 - 6PM

Schedules permitting, Mike Maronna (“Big Pete”), Danny Tamberelli (“Little Pete”), show co-creators Will McRobb & Chris Viscardi, and other cast/crew will be here at the Cinefamily to celebrate this event! Plus, the Wien Truck will be here between 5:30-9:30PM, DJ Dan Shapiro will be here spinning tunes before and after the show, and We Adorn You will be here to give out free airbrushed “Petunia” temporary tattoos!

Relive the opening credits of “The Adventures of Pete & Pete”!
YouTube Preview Image

Watch a montage of all the cool “Pete & Pete” guest stars over the show’s run, including Steve Buscemi, David Johansen and Debbie Harry!
YouTube Preview Image

Wrekmeister Harmonies performs LIVE to Michael Snow's "Wavelength"!

Live heavy rock score to the avant-garde masterpiece!
11/18/2011 - 10PM
Co-presented by Cinespia

Musicians scheduled to perform in Wrekmeister Harmonies for the evening’s show:
J.R. Robinson (founder of Wrekmeister Harmonies)
David Scott Stone (LCD Soundsytem, Melvins)
David Yow (Jesus Lizard)
Scott Martin (Big Business)
Greg Rogrove (Priestbird)
Matt Cronk (Qui)

Elemental, uncompromising, physical and yet completely intangible – explaining Michael Snow’s 1967 Wavelength is like explaining light itself. The 45-minute tracking shot is one of the most influential experimental films of all time, elegantly cutting to and straight through the essence of the filmic experience. This is a purely formal world, where the unalterable path of the camera – not human concerns like story or time – is what forms the experience. Originally scored to a simple sine wave drone, Michael Snow’s 1967 Wavelength converted the tenants of ambient, experimental music to the visual realm. For this special evening, sound artist J.R. Robinson – who has exhibited his ambient tonefields in museums around the world – will pay tribute to Snow’s pioneering visual experiment with an original sonic creation by his ensemble Wrekmeister Harmonies, accompanied by a list of friends and collaborators that includes members of LCD Soundsystem, The Melvins, Jesus Lizard, Priestbird, LA’s Big Business and Qui, and, of course, a projection of Wavelength itself!
Wavelength Dir. Michael Snow, 1967, 16mm, 45 min.

Michael Snow's "Wavelength"

One of the greats in experimental film!
11/18/2011 - 7:30PM
Co-presented by Cinespia

Elemental, uncompromising, physical and yet completely intangible — explaining Michael Snow’s 1967 Wavelength is like explaining light itself. This 45-minute tracking shot is one of the most influential experimental films of all time, elegantly cutting to and straight through the essence of the filmic experience. A long, slow zoom (meticulously pieced together from shorter segments) almost imperceptibly moves towards an object on the opposite wall of a room. Occasional flare-ups of light mark the passing of days, people stumble into the frame, and someone even dies, but the passing of time as humans experience it seems almost incidental. This is a purely formal world, where the unalterable path of the camera — not human concerns like story or time — is what forms the experience. Like its original sine-wave drone soundtrack, the film’s visual variations can be hypnotic, maddening, or transcendent, but there’s no doubt that this film, like light, isn’t just visual. Whether it’s a sunburn or a warm glow, you’ll definitely feel it.
Dir. Michael Snow, 1967, 16mm, 45 min.

Dementia (live narration by Paul F. Tompkins, live score by Eban Schletter!)

11/16/2011 - 8PM

You there, sitting smug at home, gazing into the soft light of your computer screen — do you know what horror is? Can you comprehend the umbral depths of a demented mind — the demons that lurk at the center of the human soul? Come take a lurid journey through Dementia, set in the underbelly of Venice, California, and led by an unhinged woman all too eager to dive down society’s drain into a nightmare world of leering eyes and shadowy faces! Dementia, an early-’50s film noir oddity featuring no spoken dialogue, was later recut into the even stranger Daughter of Horror, featuring a wildly arch, throaty narration by Ed McMahon; tonight, you’ll be guided through a special screening of this gem of weirdness by the ghastly live narration of Paul F. Thompkins and the spine-tingling accompaniment of Eban Schletter (music man of “Mr. Show”)! They’ll lead you into the smoky labyrinth of a hell so groovy, only the straightest of squares would dare turn away from its jazz-laced majesty. Be warned, you cozy little creature, for a world that’s frothing just beneath your feet!

Watch an excerpt of “Dementia” aka “Daughter of Horror”, with original crazed narration by Ed McMahon!

TV Tuesdays presents The Glass Teat: Harlan Ellison on Television (Harlan Ellison in person!)

11/15/2011 - 7:30PM

One of America’s most prolific and dangerous writers, Harlan Ellison radicalized science fiction from the 1960s onwards with swirling, shouting, freaky, psychedelic and sexual visions realized across over 1,700 short stories, novellas, screenplays and essays. That would be enough for most — but Ellison is also one of the great TV writers, responsible for iconic episodes of The Outer Limits and Alfred Hitchcock Presents, to penning the most popular episode of the original Star Trek, and much, much more. And, somewhere in there, he even found the time to write “The Glass Teat”, a seminal work still considered one of the most important and scathing books ever written on the nature of television. Join guest moderator Josh Olson (Oscar-nominated screenwriter of A History of Violence) for a very special evening, as Harlan makes a very rare and highly spirited personal appearance at Cinefamily to discuss his love/hate relationship with TV, followed by a screening of several of his best episodes!

Watch an excerpt of the Harlan Ellison-penned “Outer Limits” episode “Soldier”!
YouTube Preview Image

Watch an excerpt of the Harlan Ellison-penned “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” episode “Memo From Purgatory”!
YouTube Preview Image

Watch a vintage 1980 interview clip with Harlan Ellison!
YouTube Preview Image

An Evening With Tab Hunter (feat. Polyester!)

11/13/2011 - 7:30PM
Co-presented by Meltdown Gallery & Outfest

An Evening With Tab Hunter – 7:30pm
Teen heartthrob, accomplished singer, TV celebrity, and gay icon – ladies and gentlemen, this is Tab Hunter, who started life as an introverted youngster, only to become one of the quintessential “boys next door” of the post-War era. Over the past six decades, he’s conquered film, TV, theater and has even had a number-one hit pop single — plus, the list of filmmakers he’s worked with include such luminaries as William Wellman, Raoul Walsh, Stanley Donen, John Huston and the legendary John Waters. No heartthrob from the past century has also poked fun at his own image as wittily as this multi-talented movie star, whose films range from cult musicals to grindhouse shockers and gritty westerns. Come join us for a salute to the all-American idol with a life story more amazing than anything Hollywood could imagine!

Polyester – 9:00pm-ish
Ladies and gentlemen, the first superstar couple of ‘80s indie cinema: Tab Hunter and Divine! This shocker of a crazed pairing came courtesy of John Waters’ Polyester (filmed in “Odorama”, in which patrons of its original theatrical run were given scratch-n-sniff cards to relive key odors throughout the film!) Frustrated housewife Divine bounces back from her disastrous marriage to a porno theater owner and finds love in the arms of study Tab, but all is not as it seems in this crackpot ode to classic crime melodramas. Tab even croons the theme song (with other songs performed by Bill Murray and Debbie Harry!), and once you’ve seen him frolic in a field with Divine, you’ll be ruined for other movies forever. See it with someone you love to smell!
Dir. John Waters, 1981, 35mm, 86 min.

Watch an excerpt of a career-spanning interview with Tab Hunter!
YouTube Preview Image

Watch the trailer for “Polyester”!
YouTube Preview Image

A Tribute To Divine (feat. Divine rarities show + Pink Flamingos!)

Never-before-seen footage of the big D!
11/12/2011 - 6:30PM
Co-presented by Meltdown Gallery & Outfest

Divine Rarities Show! – 6:30pm
To help celebrate Meltdown Gallery’s Divine-themed art show (opening November 11th), it’s a tribute weekend to Divine and his work with John Waters! From his early days as a misfit youth in Baltimore through his rise to infamy as a cult drag legend, Harris Glenn Milstead aka Divine crafted a body (and oh, what a body!) of work which earned him credit as both a serious artist and immortal star. Like the characters he portrayed in numerous films, Divine was the ultimate outsider who stood up for millions of gay men and women, female impersonators, punk rockers, the ample-figured and countless other socially ostracized people. With a completely committed in-your-face style, he blurred the line between performer and personality, and revolutionized pop culture in the process. Join us for 45 minutes of never-before-seen footage of Divine at her peak: movie clips, rare home movies and photos, TV appearances and live performance footage as outrageous and fun as its subject! Jeffrey Schwarz (director of the upcoming feature documentary I Am Divine) will be here in person for a Q&A after the screening!

Pink Flamingos – 8:00pm-ish
“Kill everyone now! Condone first-degree murder! Advocate cannibalism! Eat shit! Filth is my politics! Filth is my life!” — Divine, Pink Flamingos

Long before reality shows and sex tapes, drag goddess par excellence Divine showed the world how to become the most notorious celebrity in the world with John Waters’ taboo-demolishing Pink Flamingos. Here she’s on the lam as trailer trash crime queen Babs Johnson, who will stop at nothing to beat a competing couple and earn the crown of “Filthiest Person Alive.” Watch as Divine shoplifts, murders, and castrates her way into your heart! Gasp at Divine’s proto-punk sense of fashion! Marvel at her show-stopping finale with a canine co-star! If you still haven’t seen this all-time shock value champ on the big screen — with an appalled audience at your side — then you really haven’t lived at all.
Dir. John Waters, 1972, 35mm, 92 min.

Watch the teaser trailer for “I Am Divine”!
YouTube Preview Image

Watch the trailer for “Pink Flamingos”!
YouTube Preview Image

SPECIAL OFF-SITE EVENT: Milocrorze: A Love Story (director & star in person, kickoff of L.A. EigaFest @ Mann Chinese 6!)

Director & star in person!
11/11/2011 - 7:30PM
L.A. EigaFest presented by the Japan Film Society

NOTE: This screening will take place at the Mann Chinese 6 (6801 Hollywood Blvd.), and NOT The Cinefamily.

For tickets, click the Buy Tickets link, and scroll down on the page-within-the-page to choose “Red Carpet & Premiere” from Pass And Other Tickets. We are unable to offer Cinefamily members discounted tickets to this event.

Our friends at the Japan Film Society kick off their inaugural edition of L.A. Eiga Fest (our city’s new yearly Japanese film festival) with a screening of the brand-new outlandish feature Milocrorze: A Love Story, from one of the most kinetic and visually innovative Japanese film talents of the last decade! Visionary writer/director Yoshimasa Ishibashi is the fellow behind the fantastically weird “mannequin sitcom” The Fuccons and its parent, the cult late-night Japanese TV show Vermillion Pleasure Night — and now, he brings you the psychedelic omnibus film Milocrorze, containing three tales of bug-eyed romance, with the lead characters all played by : a coming-of-age morsel about a young boy colorfully smitten with an older gal; a pop musical featuring a television personality pick-up-artist who dispenses advice to his hapless clientele through song and dance; and, a cyberpunk-tinged sword actioner featuring a one-eyed samurai fighting to rescue his kidnapped lover. This is the Japanese film that people and festivals have been buzzing about all year: full of catchy dance sequences, scantily clad women, eye-popping colors, and quite possibly the greatest one-take, slow-motion swordfight ever filmed, Milocrorze is a wildly imaginative and inventive ride! Q&A to follow with writer/director Yoshimasa Ishibashi and star Takayuki Yamada!

Watch the trailer for “Milocrorze: A Love Story”!

The Heart, She Holler (sneak preview, Patton Oswalt & show creators in person!)

From the creators of Wonder Showzen!
11/3/2011 - 9PM
Co-presented by Adult Swim

From the creators of “Wonder Showzen” and “Xavier: Renegade Angel” comes a completely fried new Adult Swim live-action soap opera about folk who ain’t never used soap or seen an opera. Starring Patton Oswalt, “The Heart, She Holler” is a satire on the emotional Hee-Hawification of America, set in a town so inbred that the residents have become almost supernaturally wrong. Join us for a sneak preview of this completely warped creation, as we watch all six episodes in this unprecedented miniseries! Co-star Patton Oswalt and show creator/director Vernon Chatman will be here at the Cinefamily in person for a Q&A after the screening!

Watch the trailer for “The Heart, She Holler”!
YouTube Preview Image

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