Special Events-June 2012

CINEFAMILY ISLAND SUMMER PARTY (feat. Hard Ticket To Hawaii, The Blue Lagoon, The Beach & Swiss Family Robinson!)

A sweltering quadruple feature of island cinema flotsam!
6/30/2012 - 3:30PM

Swiss Family Robinson – 4:00pm
The Blue Lagoon – 7:00pm-ish
Hard Ticket To Hawaii – 9:30pm-ish
The Beach – midnight

Come don your flowered shirt, and bring your anthropomorphic volleyball pal — for as the temperature rises, what better place to be marooned at than The Cinefamily? It’s time to get sunbaked, beach-bummed and all-around enchanted as we celebrate the summer’s start with a lost-at-sea luau replete with a limbo competition, polynesian musicians and (fire!) dancers, cool tropical drinks, and an air-conditioned theater filled with a sweltering quadruple feature of island cinema flotsam. As the palms sway in the lilting breeze and the tiki torches blaze into the night, we’re gonna play you like a steel drum! Put that lei on — we said PUT IT ON! Stop crying! Limbo! Limbo ’til it hurts! Don’t stop ‘til you get enough!

Swiss Family Robinson – 4:00pm
Pure escapism from top to bottom, Swiss Family Robinson is one of cinema’s most cheerful tales of terrifying island isolation. Being shipwrecked never seemed like such a warmly inviting family outing; who wouldn’t want to be magnificently stranded with a resourceful Teutonic clan that can fashion mini-mansions out of logs and palm fronds, stage whimsical ostrich races, hold their own against marauding, scurvy-cursed scalliwags, and still have time to kick back and enjoy soaking up the rays? This glossy period piece entry in the classic Disney live-action canon wastes approximately ZERO time cutting right to the wrecking-their-boat/setting-up-a-treetop-paradise/fending-off-pirates-and-wild-beasts chase, and remains a rousing, rollicking good time fifty years on.
Dir. Ken Annakin, 1960, 35mm, 126 min.

The Blue Lagoon – 7:00pm-ish
Hey, look what the tide dragged in! Why, it’s that incredibly horny, naked turtle-ridin’, placid and idyllic 13-year-old-girl fantasy of emerging sexuality that’ll steam your clam wiiiiiiiide open, The Blue Lagoon. With considerable nudity from its two young leads Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins, this one snagged immediate notoriety upon its original 1980 release, and was a formative moment of anticipatory drool for an entire generation of youngsters. Photographed beautifully by legendary cinematographer Nestor Almendros, this “sensuous story of natural love” is the ultimate teenage dream of what it would be like to be stranded on a deserted island — and is but a thinly veiled excuse to place its tanned and toned shipwrecked teen duo in a series of escalating coming-of-age calamities, most of which involve loinclothin’ it up. And who’s complaining? Uh, no one, that’s who!
Dir. Randal Kleiser, 1980, 35mm, 104 min.

Hard Ticket To Hawaii – 9:30pm-ish
Anyone who tuned into cable TV in the ‘80s or ‘90s after 11p.m. at night, or browsed through a dusty mom ‘n pop video store in the VHS era most certainly will have set their eyes at one time or another on the films of Andy Sidaris, the undisputed king of the “Triple Bs”: Bullets, Bombs and Babes. Featuring exotic locations, absurd plots, debatable acting and bikini-clad bimbos toting massive firepower, these flicks are a total blast to behold — and none are more gleefully ridiculous and fist-pumping than Hard Ticket To Hawaii, Sidaris’ masterpiece of wacky-ass destruction and toplessness. Wearing “barely-there outfits with the molecular weight of cobalt” (DVD Verdict), crimefighting duo Donna and Taryn are out to stop a gem smuggler, a huge killer snake pumped up with toxic chemicals, and other assorted bloodthirsty, sweaty sleazeballs. Also featuring a legendary, gory razor frisbee trick, lush Hawaiian travelogue footage and possibly the greatest use of a rocket launcher ever filmed, Hard Ticket is pure late-night heaven. Hard Ticket To Hawaii producer Arlene Sidaris will be here in person to introduce the film!
Dir. Andy Sidaris, 1987, 35mm, 100 min.

The Beach – midnight
Grab hold of your board shorts and flex your tribal tattoos, for a tidal wave of Y2K madness is heading your way! Think it’s still too soon to dive into Danny Boyle’s deceptively perfect, accidental camp gem The Beach? Tough shit, ‘cause The Beach is ready for you! In this eye-popping turn-of-the-century tale of American arrogance and naïveté, Leonardo DiCaprio (riding high off of Titanic) stars as a goofball, wanderlusty collegiate tourist hanging out in Thailand, who eagerly stumbles onto an off-limits island Shangri-la — and into a culty commune led by Bodhi Tree sex goddess Tilda Swinton. Never not stylistically overheated for a single second, The Beach very quickly descends into a mad surrealistic panic encompassing drug-induced psychosis, feverish computerized “Banjo Kazooie”-inspired sequences, shark attacks galore, and even some sexy, Moby-drenched post-production slo-mo for Leo. This crazy blend of Castaway, Apocalypse Now and The Real Cancun rightly deserves a shiny new spot in the midnight movie pantheon, so come come plant your feet in the virgin sands of this ready-to-be-discovered Millennial freakout.
Dir. Danny Boyle, 2000, 35mm, 119 min.

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MEMBERS-ONLY SCREENING: Klown (sneak preview, stars in person!)

Cast members in person!
6/26/2012 - 8PM

NOTE: Only current Cinefamily members are eligible +1 to attend this members-only screening. In order to help us track attendance and limit waiting line size, you must pre-register for “first-come, first-serve” admission.

If this sounds like the kind of event you want to have more of in your life — then consider getting a Cinefamily membership!

“HANDS DOWN THE FUNNIEST FILM OF THE YEAR…Plays like a superior, and way grosser, version of ‘The Hangover’.” — Aaron Hillis, The Village Voice

In a giddy Scandinavian NC-17-flavored take on “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, Klown (based upon the popular long-running TV show of the same name) follows two wildly inappropriate friends (internationaly celebrated comedians Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen) as they run amok through the Danish countryside, plowing through social taboos and unspeakable debaucheries. Our odd-couple pals have opposing agendas for their upcoming camping trip: Frank kidnaps his nephew in a thick-headed attempt to prove his fatherhood potential, while Casper is determined to visit a mysterious world-renowned brothel as the final stop on his “Tour de Pussy.” As these confrontational, consistently unpredictable Dogme-95-meets-the-Farrelly-Brothers plotlines collide, Klown will leave you hurting from nonstop laugh fits, and genuinely shocked by several denouements you’ll never have seen coming. When we screened Klown a few months ago, it received some of the most prolonged, intense outbursts of audience laughter we’ve EVER clocked; come be a part of this genially depraved comedy phenomenon before its release in July! Co-stars Frank Hvam & Casper Christensen will both be here for a Q&A after the film!

Watch the trailer for “Klown”!
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FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS presents Juan of the Dead (sneak preview, director in person!)

First Cuban horror film in 50 years!
6/21/2012 - 7:30PM

Special Thursday night show presented by Friday Night Frights!!

Fifty years after the Cuban Revolution, a brand-new hostile takeover is taking place, but these rebels only want one thing: to chomp your flesh. Welcome to the very first independent film to emerge from Castro’s World in half a century! Our hero Juan is a shiftless procrastinator, but knows an opportunity to make a quick buck when he sees one — so when Havana is overrun with zombies, Juan bands his friends together to form a ragtag “cleaning service” militia, ridding households of unwanted, undead loved ones. Much like Romero’s late-‘70s gold standard in satirizing modern culture through zombification, Juan of the Dead takes every opportunity to hilariously skewer the everyday ins-and-outs of Cuban society, from the government classifying the putrid hordes as “dissidents”, to public transport that still runs regardless of the bloody carnage. And, it’s gloriously splatterific from top to bottom — would we have it any other way? Director Alejandro Brugués will be here in person for a Q&A after the film, moderated by Josh Miller and Sebastian O’Brien of Cinefamily’s Friday Night Frights!
Dir. Alejandro Brugués, 2011, 35mm, 92 min.

Watch the trailer for “Juan of the Dead’!
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FREE SHOW: Keep On Truckin', Jordan (feat. The Bad News Bears)

10-4, good buddy.
6/20/2012 - 8PM

10-4, good buddy. It was with shock, heavy sighs and a tinge of panic that we received the news: our beloved house manager Jordan will be movin’ on down the line to another gig. Jordan, who grilled your burgers and stuffed your hot dogs with Slim Jims. Jordan, who “tingled” your seats, rigged pop-out skeletons, and found the last remaining “Illusion-O” ghost viewers in a Valley warehouse for our William Castle retrospective. Jordan, who plunged our toilets, replaced our projector bulbs, and live-subtitled any foreign film print in need of translation. Jordan, who can excitedly enlighten any listener about the best era of Superman comics, the worst instances of product placement in contemporary country songs, or the best classic cars for hours on end. Hours. To mark this end-of-an-era, we’re throwing him a suitable going-away bash, and you’re all invited. When asked what films he might like us to roll, he quickly shot back, “The Bad News Bears! I’ve been in the mood for a baseball movie”, then just as quickly (and aptly!) produced a VHS copy of the whimsical early-‘80s ode to booze and blue-collar malaise, Take This Job and Shove It. We don’t know what we’ll do without him, but we do know that on June 20th, we’ll be firing up the grill, knocking back a few cold ones, and kicking back with the J-Dawg for this scrappy double feature. All the good numbers to you, amigo (that’s “best wishes” in CB slang to you!)
The Bad News Bears Dir. Michael Ritchie, 1976, 35mm, 102 min.
Take This Job And Shove It Dir. Gus Trikonis, 1981, analog presentation, 100 min.

Watch an excerpt from “The Bad News Bears”!
YouTube Preview Image

Watch a vintage TV commercial spot for “Take This Job And Shove It”!
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Monterey Pop (Lou Adler & Michelle Phillips in person, 45th Aniv. screening!)

Lou Adler & Michelle Phillips in person!
6/17/2012 - 7PM
Co-presented by Cinespia

The electric, magnetic, vital portrait of one of the most incredible musical lineups ever assembled — and the gold standard for all rock festival films! Produced by impresario Lou Adler and The Mamas And The Papas’ John Phillips, 1967’s Monterey International Pop Music Festival was the first of its kind, and featured career-making crossover moments for Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Otis Redding — alongside equally shattering performances from The Who, Canned Heat, The Animals and a blissful Ravi Shankar. In Monterey Pop, director D.A. Pennebaker (fresh off the legendary Dylan doc Don’t Look Back) captures these landmark live sets intersecting with the very best of vintage peaceful California culture. Alongside the on-stage splendor of guitars and harmonies, Pennebaker’s roving cameras capture a host of vivid and stimulating eye candy amongst the throngs of festival-goers, also making the film an essential sociological document. With beautiful people, beautiful sounds and kaleidoscopic sights, Monterey Pop is an indispensable historical treasure — and a smashing good time. Monterey Pop impresario Lou Adler and Michelle Phillips (The Mamas and The Papas) will both be here to introduce the screening, and for a Q&A after the film!
Dir. D.A. Pennebaker, 1968, 79 min.


Watch the trailer for “Monterey Pop”!


An unfairly maligned comedy concoction!
6/16/2012 - 9:15PM

The legendary 1987 film directed by Elaine May, starring Dustin Hoffman & Warren Beatty, and featuring some of the most incredibly funny tunes Paul Williams has ever written! This unfairly maligned comedy concoction is possibly the Eighties’ most worthy title of cinematic re-discovery — it’s been having a serious effect on all of us here in the Cinefamily office, with repeated viewings as part of our daily routine, and an endless amount of its quotable lines and song lyrics becoming staples in our in-joke arsenal. Ishtar has a flawless sense of comedic timing, fantastic on-screen chemistry between its two leads and co-star Charles Grodin(!), and an entire soundtrack album’s worth of memorably unmemorable songs by Paul Williams written in the lead characters’ doofus-y, sub-Simon & Garfunkel shtick. Now that the sandstorm has settled on the unjustly-generated controversy surrounding the film’s trouble production, we can now look upon this Reagan-era gem with fresh eyes, so get ready to be pleasantly surprised! Sure to turn the head of even the most hardened filmic cynic, Ishtar is simply a great time out at the movies.
Dir. Elaine May, 1987, 35mm, 107 min.

Watch the trailer for “Ishtar”!
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An Evening With Paul Williams + "Phantom of the Paradise" tribute concert!

Q&A with Paul WIlliams in person!
6/16/2012 - 6PM


NOTE: current Cinefamily members are eligible for half-off ($10) general admission for this event. Unfortunately, we cannot offer member discounts to couch seating to this event.

An Evening With Paul Williams – 6:00pm
Why are there so few songs about rainbows? Because Paul Williams wrote the absolute definitive one for all-time with “The Rainbow Connection”, and no one else since has dared to go near the rainbow zone. This one feat alone doesn’t make a career — but the theme song to “The Love Boat” and huge chart hits for The Carpenters, Barbra Streisand, Helen Reddy and Three Dog Night sure do, as well as the smash soundtracks for Phantom of the Paradise, Bugsy Malone, Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas and A Star Is Born, all in conjunction with an incredible acting career in which he’s played boy geniuses (The Loved One), sleazy businessmen (Smokey And The Bandit) and monkey dudes (Battle For The Planet of the Apes). WHEW! Short in stature but towering in talent and charisma, Paul Williams was one of the faces of 1970s American pop culture — you couldn’t tune into late-night TV without seeing his joyful, bespectacled grin. Deserving of every accolade every bestowed to him, Paul is a national treasure, one fully deserving of rediscovery. Join us as we sit down with this living legend for a juicy career-spanning convo, moderated by Steven Kessler (director of the brand-new doc Paul Wiliams: Still Alive) and peppered with rare archival footage of Paul at his best!

Phantom of the Paradise Tribute Concert – 7:45pm
One of the most intense, baroque and satirical films of Brian De Palma’s filmography deserved an equally shimmering, catchy and reference-laden rock score — and that’s exactly what Paul Williams bestowed upon De Palma’s 1974 movie musical masterpiece Phantom of the Paradise. Starring in the film as well as singing several of its cult-hit earworms, Paul cemented an unforgettable legacy as “Swan”, the Svengali-like evil spirit chairman of Death Records — in addition to penning other soulful, memorable numbers for his co-stars, tunes that giddily run the gamut from glam rock sleaze to doo-wop parody, singer-songwriter sensitivity and beyond. The Phantom songbook is instantly hummable and forever meaningful to lovers of pop pastiche — and after our live Q&A session with Paui, it’s time for a full-on live tribute show to this epic showstopping soundtrack! The evening’s vocalists include Tim Heidecker, Charlie Wadhams, Eryn Young, Django and Sam Stewart, Ferraby Lionheart, Rain Phoenix, Sierra Swan, Tim Young and Heather Porcaro — and the band is manned by Tim Young, Kaveh, Aaron Sterling and legendary Toto keyboardist Steve Porcaro. Thrill to this ace team’s renditions of “Faust”, “Old Souls”, “The Hell of It” and more!

Ishtar – 9:00pm-ish
Stick around for a bonus screening of the legendary 1987 film directed by Elaine May, starring Dustin Hoffman & Warren Beatty, and featuring some of the most incredibly funny tunes Paul Williams has ever written! This unfairly maligned comedy concoction is possibly the Eighties’ most worthy title of cinematic re-discovery — it’s been having a serious effect on all of us here in the Cinefamily office, with repeated viewings as part of our daily routine, and an endless amount of its quotable lines and song lyrics becoming staples in our in-joke arsenal. Ishtar has a flawless sense of comedic timing, fantastic on-screen chemistry between its two leads and co-star Charles Grodin(!), and an entire soundtrack album’s worth of memorably unmemorable songs by Paul Williams written in the lead characters’ doofus-y, sub-Simon & Garfunkel shtick. Now that the sandstorm has settled on the unjustly-generated controversy surrounding the film’s trouble production, we can now look upon this Reagan-era gem with fresh eyes, so get ready to be pleasantly surprised! Sure to turn the head of even the most hardened filmic cynic, Ishtar is simply a great time out at the movies.
Dir. Elaine May, 1987, 35mm, 107 min.

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Watch the trailer for “Ishtar”!
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The Muppet Movie + Phantom Of The Paradise

The greatest pop soundtracks of the 70s!
6/15/2012 - 7:30PM

Two of the greatest pop soundtracks of the 1970s — both written by Cinefamily special guest of honor Paul Williams, whom we celebrate with a tribute concert to Phantom Of The Paradise on Saturday, June 16th!)

The Muppet Movie – 7:30pm
It’s the most sensational, celebrational, Muppet-tational film of all time — it’s The Muppet Movie! Beautifully distilling decades’ worth of artistry from Jim Henson & Co., this shaggy ‘70s road movie origin story delights in sending Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo and the whole family of weirdos out in the real world for the very first time. Here, they hilariously collide with a cavalcade of super-stoked celebrities (everyone from Elliott Gould and Steve Martin to Richard Pryor and Orson Welles, all genuinely excited at their chance to press the felt on the big screen) in a film which succeeds at being more fun than humanly possible, whether you’re age nine or ninety. The real glue that holds this whole fuzzy, beautiful thing together: Paul Williams’ ebullient, highly-singable, pun-stuffed and endearingly sentimental songs (who thought Gonzo would deliver their feature debut’s most touching number?). These melodic, catchy and classic pop compositions feel perfectly at home with The Muppets, whose television songbook up to that point consisted of showtunes, vaudeville ditties, folk stompers and twists on contemporary pop. Williams would still be legendary even if his legacy consisted solely of The Muppet Movie’s soundtrack, which gave the world (and Karen Carpenter) “The Rainbow Connection”, which perfectly captured Henson’s creative-utopian ethos with the words “Life’s like a movie — write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending. We’ve done just what we set out to do. Thanks to the lovers, the dreamers, and you.”
The Muppet Movie Dir. James Frawley, 1979, 35mm, 95 min.

Phantom of the Paradise – 9:30pm
Going for broke as if his life depended on it, Brian De Palma created the single greatest rock musical of the 1970s with Phantom of the Paradise, a frenzied collage of music, horror, style and satire that still astounds first-time viewers, and deeply satisfies hardcore fans. Aided by Paul Williams’ spine-tingly catchy tunes, this tongue-in-cheek melding of the “Faust” and “Phantom Of The Opera” legends emits white-hot energy as it ping-pongs between a wronged songwriter-turned-disfigured-phantom (Sisters’ William Finley), a golden-voiced ingenue (Suspiria’s Jassica Harper), a gay rock star (Gerrit Graham) and a puppet master impresario played by Paul Williams himself (in what is easily his greatest screen role.) Marking the turning point between De Palma’s edgy early films and his heavily stylized “Easy Riders, Raging Bulls” classic period, Phantom is crammed to the gills with classic horror references, pansexual playfulness, a simultaneous embrace/critique of the glam rock lifestyle, and a witty, nonstop earworm parade from Williams’ pen that kicks along sweetly from ‘50s doo-wop to surfer parody, to KISS-style rock without missing a beat. Truly essential viewing.
Phantom of the Paradise Dir. Brian De Palma, 1974, 35mm, 92 min.

Watch the trailer for “The Muppet Movie”!
YouTube Preview Image

Watch the trailer for “Phantom of the Paradise”!
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Funny Ha Ha (10th Anniv. screening, director Andrew Bujalski in person!)

Director Andrew Bujalski in person!
6/5/2012 - 7:30PM

A decade ago, a young director named Andrew Bujalski made one of cinema’s politest call-to-arms with Funny Ha Ha, his generation-defining D.I.Y. debut about post-college indirection. Like Linklater’s Slacker did for the ’90s, Funny Ha Ha definitively captures aimlessness in the Aughts with humor, compassion, and incisiveness as it follows recent grad Marnie (the luminous Kate Dollenmayer) as she meanders through temp jobs, crushes, and to-do lists. A graduate of Harvard’s hands-on and documentary-heavy film program, with a faculty advisor none other than Chantal Akerman(!), Bujalski’s indisputable film buff cred shines through every warmly rough-hewn frame and naturalistic line of dialogue. A true crowd-pleaser that began as a word-of-mouth phenomena and went on to single-handedly inspire not only countless imitators (not only from current in-theater dramedies to recent HBO series, but the entire so-called “mumblecore” filmmaking movement), few debuts have had such an impact on the landscape of current American filmmaking. With a gorgeous 35mm restoration of its original 16mm print, there’s never been a better time to see what sets Funny Ha Ha apart. Andrew Bujalski will be here in person for a Q&A & reception after the film!
Dir. Andrew Bujalski, 2002, 35mm, 89 min.

Watch the trailer for “Funny Ha Ha”!
YouTube Preview Image

CinemaDiscotheque presents The Last Days of Disco (Whit Stillman in person!)

Whit Stillman in person!
6/2/2012 - 10:30PM

“How did Stillman pull off something as genuine and persuasively fresh as ‘The Last Days of Disco’, and why does it continue to sparkle, more than a decade after its making, with more glittering facets than a mirrored ball?” — David Schickler, Criterion Collection

Amongst the glamor of disco, the glitz, the coke, the dancing and the carefree sex, Whit Stillman guides his trademark coterie of young, urbane wits (and their impossibly cool witticisms) through the backdrop of the early ‘80s disco nightclub death rattle — and the results are an effervescent blast. The third and final film in Stillman’s self-described “Doomed Bourgeois In Love” trilogy, The Last Days Of Disco features a trademark killer cast (Chole Sevigny, Kate Beckinsale, Mackenzie Astin and the always-on-point Stillman veteran Chris Eigeman) learning the ropes of mid-twentieshood the sharply humorous Ivy League way: with sparkling verbal gymnastics and uptown savvy interwoven throughout Stillman’s buoyant tapestry of living, loving, fighting and fucking. Join filmmaker Whit Stillman in person for a very special inaugural CinemaDiscotheque screening and party! We’re gonna dance all night like it’s 1980 — except without the yeyo, long club lines and rampant gonorrhea!

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “The Last Days Of Disco”!

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