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What began as an after-hours Cinefamily staff tradition is now LA’s premier showcase of ephemeral, industrial, educational, and sponsored films of the 20th century — some perhaps never intended to be seen on the big screen… until now. Join hosts Zena Grey and Brendt Rioux for a monthly program packed as densely as library stacks and screened in the gloriously fuzzed-out 16mm format.

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LOST & FOUND FILM CLUB: Intercat '69

5/6 - 10PM
$10/free for members

Presenting 10 fantastic flights of feline fancy guaranteed to out-fascinate a laser pointer, a scratching post and a year’s supply of catnip combined! Since the dawn of time, humans have devised new ways of appeasing our feline overlords. With the advent of 16mm experimental filmmaking came a cinematic celebration of cat-astrophic proportions: Pola Chapelle’s International Cat Film Festival! Compiling the fest’s “best in show,” Intercat ’69 features artistic odes to the Felis silvestris from such independent luminaries as Maya Deren, Robert Breer and Standish Lawder. Pay your respects to the feline pioneers of the silver screen with four-legged fantasies ranging from the erotic to the educational, the tear-jerkingly gorgeous to the totally adorable. These shorts leave the Internet’s increasingly overflowing litter box of kitty-lebrities in the dust. So put down that can of Fancy Feast and strut on over to the film festival that launched a thousand hairballs and declawed it’s detractors through sheer purr-fection. Rare 16mm prints courtesy of The Filmmakers Co-op!

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LOST & FOUND FILM CLUB: O Is For Occult (hosted by Skip Elsheimer of A/V Geeks!)

5/27 - 7:30PM
$12/free for members

The power of film compels you to convene with the Sacred Order of the Lost & Found Film Club for an evening of anti-occult propaganda from the golden age of hysterical cautionary films. Skip Elsheimer of A/V Geeks, a 12th degree Master of 16mm ephemeral film will lead us on a journey from the dark ages to the age of aquarius with a spirited program of 2 truly sensational rarities. These delightfully delirious colorful Christian interpretations of the 70s/80s occult movement will have you questioning your faith— or at least your faith in objective documentaries— as we: visit San Francisco’s First Church of Satan, get to know a Grandmaster Warlock, perform the ancient rite of the backwards Zeppelin record, dust off our stonehenge theories, bust out the Ouiji boards and hypnotize ourselves silly. Join us, seekers, as we toast to our favorite esoteric phenomenon of them all; the glory of cinema!

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