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What began as an after-hours Cinefamily staff tradition is now LA’s premier showcase of ephemeral, industrial, educational, and sponsored films of the 20th century — some perhaps never intended to be seen on the big screen… until now. Join hosts Zena Grey and Brendt Rioux for a monthly program packed as densely as library stacks and screened in the gloriously fuzzed-out 16mm format.

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LOST & FOUND FILM CLUB: Eerie Archives

10/14 - 10:30PM
$10/free for members

Gather around the warm glow on the 16mm projector for a night of spooky short films that crawled back from beyond oblivion to haunt the Cinefamily! First, we’ll get schooled in Halloween Safety with a film from the anti-mask, anti-witch, anti-fun 1970s. Then we’ll embark on a mix that’s all-killer, no-circus peanuts, including a monster beauty contest, kids playing make-believe-murder, creepy music videos by The Residents(!), strange stop motion experiments & more. Then we’ll screen Body Work, an eerily beautiful 1988 Australian doc on the quirky people who handle dead bodies for a living. Meet the colorful cast of characters your corpse encounters after rigor mortis begins to set in; including a gravedigger who’s interviewed while halfway underground, a hearse driver who’s handled his share of maggot brains, coroners, morticians, & more! Morbid, entertaining & educational all at once, this is a program of rarities that digs deep — 6 feet deep to be exact! But don’t miss it: Our chamber of celluloid horrors will be unlocked for one night only. Muwahahaha!

NOTE: “Body Work,” while concerned entirely with dead bodies, does not contain graphic gore, and is suitable for all audiences.

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