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What began as an after-hours Cinefamily staff tradition is now LA’s premier showcase of ephemeral, industrial, educational, and sponsored films of the 20th century — some perhaps never intended to be seen on the big screen… until now. Join hosts Zena Grey and Brendt Rioux for a monthly program packed as densely as library stacks and screened in the gloriously fuzzed-out 16mm format.

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LOST & FOUND FILM CLUB: Sound & Vision

1/7 - 10:30PM
$10/free for members

Lost & Found Film Club presents a carefully curated mix of ephemeral, industrial, educational, and sponsored films in the gloriously fuzzed-out 16mm format — plus, grilled cheese sandwiches will be available! Any given program may contain children’s films, social engineering and training films, advertisements, mental hygiene madness, animation, documentaries, student experiments, home movies on rusted reels — pretty much anything that isn’t a commercial feature film. Did we forget to mention that GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES WILL BE AVAILABLE?!

Watch an excerpt from the Scott Bartlett film “OnOff”!
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2/11 - 10:30PM
$10/free for members

This year, Valentine’s Day comes prematurely. Direct from the estate sale of a notoriously shameless 42nd Street smut merchant comes: Eroticon. “An exotic tapestry of emotions, sensations and ideas…one step beyond experience,” screamed the original “EX-Rated” poster. This quasi-doc mondo romp doesn’t just give a peek inside the sex-plosion of the early 70′s, it bumps and grinds all over it with a bevy of hilarious interviews punctuating groovy grindhouse montages of ham-fisted hardcore. Meet the editor of Screw Magazine, get the wet-hot truth on the burgeoning porno industry, talk to an accredited sexpert, visit a naughty boutique and learn about the early days of personal ads that put Craigslist to shame. Sure, there’s orgies, awkward BDSM and the obligatory bumping of uglies, but the main attraction here is the soundtrack — engorged with original would-be hits like “Fuck Me Forever.” Bonus cameo by renowned children’s book illustrator Tomi Ungerer! Don your trenchcoat for this impossibly rare screening of what might be the world’s only surviving print?
Dir. Barnard L. Sackett, 35mm, 1973, 88 min.

Listen to a song from the soundtrack to “Eroticon”!YouTube Preview Image

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