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About La Collectionneuse

“Qui est La Collectionneuse?”
La Collectionneuse — the woman who collects — is the totemic hostess of Cinefamily’s new monthly cinematic salon for lovers of French film and culture. For her monthly soirée, La Collectionneuse opens her private cabinet de curiosités to share pearls of cinéma français –from rare shorts and scopitones to feature film discoveries.–followed by sparkling conversations, artistic installations, and delightful libations, all enjoyed in our own little backyard guinguette! For La Collectionneuse isn’t just collecting her beloved objets d’art to fascinate and entertain you, she’s gathering her favorite people….if you’re lucky, maybe she’ll collect you!


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The Lovers

8/25 - 7:30PM
$12/free for members

Co-presented by the French Film and TV Office

With a DJ set by Ramakawa

In memory of Jeanne Moreau

Abandoning the gritty Parisian streets of Elevator to the Gallows, Moreau and Malle followed up that burst of jazz-crime for a seductive, novelistic meditation on bourgeois malaise a la campagne. Moreau’s Jeanne Tournier is a bored housewife living luxuriously in a Dijon mansion – her wandering eyes and affections drifting from her newspaper-tycoon husband to the polo-playing urbanite Raoul. The arrival of a third wheel, Bernard, results in two of Malle’s dreamiest, delectably Hitchcockian sequences – all photographed in lush black and white by New Wave legend Henri Decaë (The Red Circle, The Samourai, 400 Blows, etc). Although Moreau had already made nearly 20 films, her enrapturing performance in The Lovers springboarded her career into international stardom.

Dir. Louis Malle, 1958, 35mm, 89 min.