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A carefully curated collection of pizza party classics, fist explosions, international adrenaline-pumpers, ‘80s funbombs, white-hot laugh factories, total freakazoids and more. But this is no MST3K chucklethon; this is a dedicated study of all that is, and can be, AWESOME. Nothing makes us happier than: 1) B-list pics delivering A-list thrills; and 2) the glorious time when the weathered faces of Warren Oates and Charles Bronson were marquee idols. Kick off your weekend in style with your newest cinematic obsession! Follow Heavy Midnites on FB and Twitter!

HEAVY MIDNITES: Assault With a Deadly Weapon

9/20 - MIDNITE
$12/free for members


Calling all Italian genre film fans: Umberto “Cannibal Ferox” Lenzi’s Assault with a Deadly Weapon (aka Rome Armed to the Teeth) may be the nastiest, most furious, fastest moving and supremely satisfying Euro crime lunacy ever unleashed on the public! Maurizio Merli (the spitting image of Franco Nero) is a tough, violent cop who doesn’t mind bending the law while on his one-man mission to clean the streets. He’s primed to explode and has finally met his match: a machine-gun-carrying, hunchbacked psychotic killer terrorizing the city (an amazing, wisecracking Tomas Milian of The Big Gundown.) Trust us, this one play great with a crowd. Featuring a pulse-pounding Franco Micalizzi score, gorgeous Federico Zanni ‘scope cinematography, high-speed car chases and an unforgettable ambulance hijacking, Assault is an ultra-politically-incorrect poliziotteschi masterpiece packed with hard-boiled dialogue and shoot-first-ask-questions-later attitude. And it’s somehow still unavailable on DVD here in the USA!
Dir. Umberto Lenzi, 1976, 35mm, 95 min.

Watch the trailer for “Assault With A Deadly Weapon” (under the different English-language title “The Tough Ones”!
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9/27 - MIDNITE
$12/free for members

NOTE: this screening will start at 12:30am.We’re taking you beyond the universe to a future you’ve never seen before, an adults-only midnight movie rite of passage based on the wild ideas and even wilder visuals of the fantastical magazine of the same name. So strap in for an animated anthology that beautifully expands the boundaries of science fiction and fantasy while gratuitously pushing the limits of sex, violence and rock ‘n roll. It’s awesome! From the dystopian NYC of 2031 to the outer limits of space, following warrior maidens, hulking barbarians, glowing orbs and more, Heavy Metal is stoned, funky, funny and far out. There’s a raging soundtrack featuring Black Sabbath, Blue Öyster Cult, Cheap Trick and other rock gods, pitch-perfect voice acting from SCTV faves John Candy and Eugene Levy, plus tons of cartoon boobs, graphic gore, drugs and profanity. We guarantee Heavy Metal’s louder and nastier than ever; it’s gonna pop your eye sockets, blow your ear drums and boil your mind!
Dir. Gerald Potterton, 1981, 35mm, 86 min.

Watch the trailer for “Heavy Metal”!
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