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A carefully curated collection of pizza party classics, fist explosions, international adrenaline-pumpers, ‘80s funbombs, white-hot laugh factories, total freakazoids and more. But this is no MST3K chucklethon; this is a dedicated study of all that is, and can be, AWESOME. Nothing makes us happier than: 1) B-list pics delivering A-list thrills; and 2) the glorious time when the weathered faces of Warren Oates and Charles Bronson were marquee idols. Kick off your weekend in style with your newest cinematic obsession! Follow Heavy Midnites on FB and Twitter!



12/27 - MIDNITE
$12/free for members

Climb aboard the double decker Spice Bus and get ready for a madcap musical adventure packed with GIRL POWER! Victoria, Emma, Mel B, Geri and Mel C are dressed to kill, and thoroughly prepared to spice up your lives with the group’s fabulous feature film debut (and, sadly, finale — although, who knows?) Sassy, saucy and non-stop fun, Spice World finds our Spice Girls doing a modern day media-obsessed update of The Monkees’ Head, crossed with the Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, the girls engage in escalating English escapades (haunted mansions, extraterrestrial encounters and even more surreal excitement) as they gear up for the biggest performance of their lives at London’s Royal Albert Hall. Bursting with feverish propulsion, a you-just-gotta-join-in soundtrack of mega-hits & mega-moves, plus a supporting cast of top-tier character actors (Alan Cumming, Richard E. Grant, Barry Humphries) and wild cameo appearances, Spice World will have you never giving up on the good times.
Dir. Bob Spiers, 1997, 35mm, 93 min.

Watch the trailer for “Spice World”!
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$12/free for members

Description coming soon…
Dir. George Miller, 1979, 35mm, 95 min.

Watch the trailer for “Mad Max”!
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1/10 - MIDNITE
$12/free for members

Description coming soon…
Dir. Tim Hunter, 1986, 35mm, 99 min.

Watch the trailer for “River’s Edge”!

HEAVY MIDNITES: Just One of the Guys (30th Anniversary, plus cast reunion!)

1/24 - 10:30PM
$12/free for members

NOTE: this show will place at 10:30pm, rather than midnight.

Description coming soon…Director Lisa Gottlieb, plus stars Joyce Hyser and Toni Hudson in person!
Dir. Lisa Gottlieb, 1985, 35mm, 90 min.

Watch an excerpt from “Just One of the Guys”!
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