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Around the world, only a smattering of the best horror films come out in theaters, and gobs of great gore go softly into the night, never to be screamed at on the silver screen. In the past, Cinefamily has reserved just the month of October as an excuse to make merry in the macabre and delight in an onslaught of slaughter; and once All Hallow’s Eve has come and gone, our poor patrons must lurch back to their bloodless daily lives, secretly wishing that the terrifying times never need end. Well, fear not, for now every month is horrific at the Cinefamily! Midnight is the witching hour, and every other Friday night, Friday Night Frights brings you the finest cuts in upcoming horror and gruesome genre cinema, as well as devious picks from the repertory crypt, all with guests galore.

Death Line (aka Raw Meat, w/ Gary Sherman, David Ladd, and Paul Maslansky in person)

7/14 - 10:30PM
$14/free for members

Restored director’s cut!

A good cannibal film is best when rare, and for many years there was none rarer than Death Line, or as it was known here in the states, Raw Meat. Thankfully, due to home video, horror fans have been able to discover Gary Sherman’s wondrously bleak and gruesome 70s shocker, finally unearthed from its subterranean depths. The set-up is absolutely brilliant – far beneath the London streets, in Victorian catacombs, the last of a lineage of cannibals (the terrifyingly feral Hugh Armstrong, in a role nearly played by Marlon Brando!) prowls for fresh meat, pursued by a police detective played by the great Donald Pleasance. Sherman masterfully milks his setting for suffocating claustrophobia and dread, climaxing in a stomach-wrenching, gore-shock of an ending that will burn itself into your mind forever… and possibly leave you with some unholy cravings of your own. Join us for this filmic feast in the rarest of presentations – on the big screen!

Dir. Gary Sherman, 1972, DCP, 87 min.

Night of the Creeps (with director Fred Dekker in person)

night of the creeps2
7/21 - 10PM
$14/free for members

Director’s cut!

Though it was overlooked during the busy summer movie schedule of 1986, Fred Dekker’s Night of the Creeps has gone on to become a quintessential cult classic. A loving homage to the B movies of the 1950s, Dekker’s winningly gruesome horror comedy mashes up elements of atomic age sci-fi, Romero zombies, slashers, and 80s teen comedy, magically landing on a recipe for pure fun. Leads Jason Lively and Steve Marshall have a great rapport as best buds dealing with a campus infested with space slug-controlled zombie schoolmates, with B movie leading man Tom Atkins bringing the funny as the quipping alcoholic detective who finds himself caught up in the madness, leading to some of the film’s irresistibly quotable lines. A perfect summer movie, Night of the Creeps has proved highly influential, inspiring James Gunn’s pre-Guardians of the Galaxy creepfest, Slither. The good news is that we’re throwing a rare screening of the director’s cut with special guests… the bad news is that they’re dead!

Dir. Fred Dekker, 1986, DCP, 88 min.

The Tenant

the tenant
$12/free for members

Of Roman Polanski’s noted apartment trilogy – which also includes Repulsion and Rosemary’s Baby, his 1976 capper The Tenant is often given the least attention, which is a shame as it may be his most personal and harrowing. A Kafkaesque descent into madness and paranoia, the film concerns the claustrophobic apartment-based interactions of a Parisian transplant, played by an uncredited Polanski himself, and the neighbors who may or may not be conspiring against him. Aside from the flop-sweat-inducing tension and palpable sense of escalating panic, the film is a dizzying whirlwind of subtext, both sexual and political – and the sort of perfectly focused tonal pastiche that only a master with Polanski’s skill could pull off. With Melvyn Douglas, Shelly Winters, a bewitching Isabelle Adjani, and a shock ending that is as hilarious as it is horrifying, The Tenant will take up permanent residency in your shattered nerves.

Dir. Roman Polanski, 1976, 35mm, 126 min.

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