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Around the world, only a smattering of the best horror films come out in theaters, and gobs of great gore go softly into the night, never to be screamed at on the silver screen. In the past, Cinefamily has reserved just the month of October as an excuse to make merry in the macabre and delight in an onslaught of slaughter; and once All Hallow’s Eve has come and gone, our poor patrons must lurch back to their bloodless daily lives, secretly wishing that the terrifying times never need end. Well, fear not, for now every month is horrific at the Cinefamily! Midnight is the witching hour, and every other Friday night, Friday Night Frights brings you the finest cuts in upcoming horror and gruesome genre cinema, as well as devious picks from the repertory crypt, all with guests galore.

FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS: Sleepwalkers (director Mick Garris, co-stars Brian Krause & Madchen Amick, and Anders Holm of "Workaholics" in person!)

4/24 - MIDNITE
$12/free for members

Director Mick Garris, along with co-stars Brian Krause and Mädchen Amick, and Anders Holm from Workaholics (a huge fan of the film) all in person! Sleepwalkers marked the first of many collaborations between Stephen King and director Mick Garris, who would later go on to helm the TV versions of The Shining, The Stand and Desperation — and damn, is it a doozy. Brian Krause and the always-haunting Alice Krige star as a mother/son team of shape-shifting energy vampires whose natural form is a sort of were-cat. Not weird enough for you? How ’bout adding some highly-charged incest into the mix? Stir in a hot dollop of Twin Peaks‘ Mädchen Amick as the love interest/heroine, as well as many horror icon cameos from the likes of John Landis, Joe Dante, Clive Barker, Tobe Hooper and Stephen King himself, and you’ve got an over-the-top saucerful of silly fun. As mentioned before, King and Garris would team up for many adaptations, but Sleepwalkers (an original screenplay) sees the dynamic duo at their whacked-out best.
Dir. Mick Garris, 1992, 35mm, 91 min.

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FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS: Piranha - The Ultimate Edition

$12/free for members

Description coming soon…
Dir. Joe Dante, 1978, 16mm, approx. 104 min.

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FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS: Madman (brand-new restoration, producer Gary Sales and star Paul Ehlers in person!)

5/29 - MIDNITE
$12/free for members

Co-presented by VINEGAR SYNDROME

Producer Gary Sales and star Paul Ehlers in person! “Hangs you up, breaks your neck / Swings the axe, chops your head / Bloody stump, gushing red / Body jerks, till your dead.” So waxes the theme song of Madman Marz, the titular creeper of Joe Giannone’s 1982 deep-cut slasher flick Madman. Originally designed as a film about the East Coast urban legend Cropsey, Giannone was forced to change his script after The Burning (also about the bloody carnage of Cropsey) was released. But the world was better for it, since we now have the legend of Madman Marz — now a total maniac who murdered his family and who will supposedly appear if you call out his name near his old cabin. Of course, a foolish and curious camp counselor does just that, unleashing a gory massacre. Wonky and oddly wonderful, Madman is a must-see to round out your slasher subgenre education. Front-and-center in this film is actress Gaylen Ross, whose only three onscreen roles happened to be in this, Dawn of the Dead and Creepshow.
Dir. Joe Giannone, 1981, DCP, 88 min.

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FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS: Brain Dead (1990, director Adam Simon in person!)

6/26 - MIDNITE
$12/free for members

Director Adam Simon in person! Description coming soon.
Dir. Adam Simon, 1990, 35mm, 85 min.

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