Dress Up


11/6/2016 - 7PM

Presented by Women of Cinefamily

Amidst a political climate caught up in endless analysis of pesky email servers and presidential shimmies, let’s escape in our time machines, if only for a night, to remember just how far we haven’t come as a nation… all through a good, old-fashioned American skewering of perhaps the greatest bureaucratic scandal in our nation’s history: that hilarious bungle, Watergate! Post-The Craft Andrew Fleming employs teenaged, Bobby Sherman-infatuated Michelle Williams and Kirsten Dunst as his ditzy proxies through which to reimagine the genesis of famed informant Deep Throat in this late-90s, pre-Dubya, pitch-perfect political parody. As if our leading ladies weren’t enough of a star-studded sell, Dick also boasts the talents of Will Ferrell and Kids in the Hall’s Bruce McCulloch as Washington Post “radical muckraking bastards” Woodward and Bernstein, Teri Garr, Dave Foley, Ryan Reynolds, and, in perhaps the most brilliant casting turn in decades, Dan Hedaya as Tricky Dick Nixon. Never underestimate the power–flower or otherwise–of a female teenager scorned.

This screening is also a DRESS-UP PARTY, so come decked out in your most patriotic ‘70s garb and get hooked on that pre-election feeling!

Dir. Andrew Fleming, 1999, 35mm, 94 min.

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DRESS UP: The Boy Friend

7/22/2016 - 7:30PM

The ‘70s does the ‘20s as West End artistes collide with Cockneys in Ken Russell’s The Boy Friend, the decadent film adaptation of the 1956 pastiche stage musical and the filmmaker’s whimsical follow-up his controversial The Devils. This visually indulgent, no-holds-barred backstage romp marks Twiggy’s first starring role as Theatre Royal’s assistant stage manager Polly who finds herself thrust into the spotlight when the production’s leading lady doesn’t show up for her cue. Lines between fantasy and reality blur and fade as the rinky dink, malfunctioning backdrops under this small proscenium arch evolve into impossible, Busby Berkeley-esque set pieces with oversized, turntable dancefloors and shiny, metallic headdresses donned by fever-dream disco-queen chorus gals. With brief dips into pure fantasy and countless (seriously, we lost track) frenetic tap numbers, The Boy Friend promises an eyeful of delights and an earful of joyful, familiar tunes.

Tonight’s screening is also a DRESS UP party! Break out your low-waisted chemise and sassy cloche hats to help us take the Roaring Twenties off the screen and out onto our back patio.

Hosted by Alia Penner.

Dir Ken Russell, 1971, 35mm, 137 min.

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DRESS UP: Velvet Goldmine

4/3/2014 - 7:30PM

“A musical fantasia about a time when musical fantasias were possible.” — Scott Tobais, The A.V. Club

For this special screening of the ultimate heady trip to the glitter rock universe, it’s time to pancake your puss, don the shiniest of threads and strut like you mean it! Plus, DJ Jimi Hey will be here to spin tunes before the show! Filmmaker Todd Haynes (Safe, Far From Heaven, I’m Not There) flexes his semiotic brawn while simultaneously giving nods to Citizen Kane, Ken Russell, George Orwell and the seductive allure of rock’s most outré era, in this most delectable of neglected nuggets from the Nineties indie boom. Tracing Kane’s flashback structure while paying homage to the stories of Bowie, Iggy and Lou Reed, Haynes takes us back and forth from the early ‘70s — when UK glam superstar Jonathan Rhys Meyers held captivating sway over impressionable suburban youth Christian Bale — into the early ‘80s, where a future version of Bale, on journalistic assignment, tracks down the true story of Meyers’ fall from grace. Amongst an impressive mosaic of ‘70s glam covers mixed in with period-like originals (performed by an all-star crew including members of Radiohead and Roxy Music), an even crazier accomplishment on display here is the meteoric, Oscar-nominated costume design of Sandy Powell, a true thread warrior.
Dir. Todd Haynes, 1998, 35mm, 124 min.

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DRESS UP: Valley of the Dolls

2/18/2014 - 7:30PM

Join us in your pastel suits and lamé gowns for this pill popping classic — one of the ultimate indulgent doses of Sixties Mod fashion on film, wrapped up in the soapiest of manic melodramas! Amongst over 100 incredible, eye-popping costume changes, starlets Sharon Tate, Patty Duke and Barbara Parkins run headfirst into the perils of booze, pills (aka those titular “dolls”), fame and attitude-heavy men on their way to the top of the cutthroat showbiz ladder. Based on the wildly popular novel by pop sensationalist Jacqueline Susann, Valley of the Dolls is the most outrageous (and thoroughly entertaining) entry in the grand “young women making it big in the big city” movie tradition. In truth, the real star of the movie is famous fashion designer “Travilla”: after a storied life dressing movie icons like Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall, one of the artist’s career-crowning achievements was the non-stop parade of off-the-charts, “Big Sixties” pastel ‘n sequined gear that rains down on Valley of the Dolls like Niagara Falls.
Dir. Mark Robson, 1967, DCP, 123 min.

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DRESS UP: Ziegfeld Follies

A Technicolor confection of song and dance!
On the Set of "Ziegfeld Follies"
11/20/2013 - 7:30PM

It’s time to don your best and join the monthly Cinefamily fashion parade, as host Alia Penner unlocks the door to a cascading realm of girl worlds: eye-pleasing fashionable films from across the decades that conjure up a perfect picture of ultra-chic threads, interiors, lines, shapes and other vogue-ish vittles.

A Technicolor confection to rival The Wizard Of Oz for sheer color, Ziegfeld Follies combines song, dance, comedy and a platoon of old-school Hollywood A-listers, all coming together for the Forties variety show of your dreams. Fred Astaire, Lucille Ball, Gene Kelly, Judy Garland, Lena Horne and many more give their all in scenes featuring regal princesses and raunchy reprobates, underwater fantasias and Caribbean dens of sin — and the costumes are so lavish and rainbowed that they “resemble nothing so much as an explosion in Liberace’s wardrobe cabinet” (Bright Lights Film Journal.) Decked out in butterfly frills, pink mink and outrageously glittery headgear, this magical omnibus of musical numbers gets right to the heart of the matter by dispensing with plot altogether, as the flow of top-tapping moves, glitzy glamour and even stop-motion animation(!) never stops.
Dirs. Lemuel Ayers, Roy Del Ruth, Robert Lewis, Vincente Minnelli, Merrill Pye, George Sidney & Charles Walters, 1946, 35mm, 110 min.

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DRESS UP: Picnic At Hanging Rock

Don your crispest summer whites!
10/18/2013 - 8PM

“Horror need not always be a long-fanged gentleman or a dismembered corpse. It may be a warm sunny day, the innocence of girlhood and hints of unexplored sexuality that combine to produce a euphoria so intense it becomes transporting.” — Vincent Canby, on Picnic At Hanging Rock

Even though summer has technically left the building, Peter Weir’s delirious Australian favorite gives us ample cause for a lazy-day picnic vibe under the cover of darkness — so comb your closets for your best crisp whites, and come billow across the landscape for an ethereal October DRESS UP party. This ode to female adolescence, a fragile miniature masterpiece blanketed with a New Age score and natural sound effects that add immeasurably to its intoxicating atmosphere, concerns the aftermath of an expedition by a repressive turn-of-the-century girls’ school to a wondrous natural volcanic formation called Hanging Rock. Three girls and a teacher vanish without a trace, sending the other students into a state of near hysteria — and unprepared viewers need to steel themselves, for the film gleefully presents a mystery which in many ways it refuses to solve.
Dir. Peter Weir, 1975, 35mm, 115 min.

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DRESS UP: Wonderwall (extremely rare 35mm print!)

The raga-riffic Sixties psychedelic parade!
7/19/2013 - 8PM

It’s about time: a night out with the ladies (but all are welcome!) Once a month, it’s time to don your best and join the fashion parade, as host Alia Penner unlocks the door to a cascading realm of girl worlds: eye-pleasing fashionable films from across the decades that conjure up a perfect picture of ultra-chic threads, interiors, lines, shapes and other vogue-ish vittles. Also on hand are rare video clips, tea party receptions, and, best of all, a see-and-be-seen scene to die for — so arrive in your finest colors, and let’s get together.

For the inaugural Dress Up session, it’s an extremely rare stateside 35mm show of the Sixties psychedelic parade Wonderwall, with a blissed-out, raga-riffic George Harrison score, a star turn by Gainsbourg muse Jane Birkin, and scenario by Polanski scribe Gérard Brach. This comic fantasia concerns a elfin scientist sneaking increasing peeks at the beautiful lady and her amazing dream pad next door — as his obsession grows, so does the scope of his lavish, mesmerising dream sequences. An Eraserhead for the Carnaby Street paisley set — bathed in velvety greens, outrageous reds and enough heady high-street fashion photo shoots to make even Twiggy squeal — this is a prismatic theatrical experience, with peerless production design from Dutch collective The Fool (darlings of the London psych crowd), and directed by Joe Massot (the man behind the Led Zep concert film The Song Remains The Same.) Also showing: Joe Massot’s 1966 short Reflections on Love, beautifully documenting the groundbreaking Swinging London milieu.
Wonderwall Dir. Joe Massot, 1968, 35mm, 92 min.
Reflections on Love Dir. Joe Massot, 1966, 35mm, 14 min.

Watch the trailer for “Wonderwall”!
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