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Writers have always shaped our relationship to movies, their words responsible for both inspiring what ends up on screen, and for sealing such films’ fate. Deeper Into Movies, like the legendary critic Pauline Kael for whom it is named, aims to delve deeply into films, chosen and presented by the writers who love and hate them, who inspired and are inspired by them.

The Leather Boys (w/ writer Rachel Kushner and director Sidney Furie in person!)

leather boys
6/14 - 7:30PM
$14/free for members

This sharply observed slice-of-life takes the speedy marriage of cockney teens Dot and biker Reggie as its premise. The marriage sours instantly, leading Reggie to take refuge with his biker friends, particularly Pete – with whom he enjoys a whirlwind romance of a friendship, the implications of which he is slow to face. With The Leather Boys, Furie crafted both a touchstone of queer cinema and a seminal example of British kitchen sink realism. The film will be presented by Rachel Kushner (author of Telex from Cuba, The Flamethrowers) who counts it among her favorites. Following the screening, she will moderate a Q&A with director Sidney Furie!

The Leather Boys is one of my all-time favorite movies. An incredible time capsule of the biker scene at London’s legendary Ace Cafe, it is also a subversive masterpiece about bleak working class destiny.” – Rachel Kushner

Dir. Sidney Furie, 1964, 35mm, 108 min.