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CINESPIA SALON: The Ski Bum (rare IB Tech print, Ned Doheny & filmmaker in person!)

5/8 - 7:30PM
$12/free for members

Co-presented by THE NUMERO GROUP

One of the Seventies’ oddest counterulture curious, screened from an ultra-rare IB Tech 35mm print — plus, filmmaker Bruce Clark and singer/songwriter Ned Doheny in person! It’s The Graduate on the slopes, only with psychedelic fringes, hippies, dope deals, bizarre fantasy sequences and enough reverb-echo for a Joe Meek tribute. Before he was an auteur du sexy with Wild Orchid and Red Shoe Diaries, Zalman King starred in a number of Seventies underground dramas such as tonight’s film The Ski Bum, in which he’s an angry young man in a wintery Colorado resort town, trying his best to avoid the ski-bummer that lies dead ahead if he complies with the sinister wishes of the burg’s local plutocrat. Co-starring Charlotte Rampling and with cameo appearances by L.A. kings Jackson Browne and Ned Doheny (friends of the film’s director, the then-recent UCLA grad Bruce Clark), this highly unusual tale is awash in expansive, snow-capped ‘scope cinematography and a whirlwind of spacey vibes.
Dir. Bruce D. Clark, 1971, 35mm, 94 min.

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