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Autarky! Frontier Animation from CalArts

4/27 - 10:30PM
$12/free for members

In our 8th year, Autarky! is a celebration of animation created by student filmmakers at CalArts within the last year. The work featured will include films from both the character and experimental animation programs exploring a variety of animation approaches – stop-motion, 3D computer animation, 2D computer animation, visual music, etc.

Check back soon for a program of included films!

Seeing Sound: Mary Ellen Bute Retrospective

4/30 - 7PM
$12/free for members

Presented in association with Center for Visual Music

“A pioneer of visual music and electronic art, Mary Ellen Bute produced over a dozen short abstract animations between the 1930s to the 1950s. Set to classical music by the likes of Bach, Saint-Saens or Shostakovich, and filled with colorful forms, elegant design and sprightly, dance-like-rhythms, Bute’s filmmaking is at once formally rigorous and energetically high-spirited, like a marriage of high modernism and Merrie Melodies.” –Ed Halter

“We submerged tiny mirrors in tubes of oil, connected [them] to an oscillator, and drew where these points of light were flying. The effect was thrilling for us—it was so pure. But it wasn’t enough. Finally we got a Bolex camera and started… to make my first film, Rhythm in Light.” –Mary Ellen Bute

Bute made a series of Visual Music films which she called “Seeing Sound.” This program features her short abstract films, including some rarely-seen films on 16mm!

Program runs approximately 70 min.

Prints courtesy Cecile Starr Collection at Center for Visual Music. Image courtesy Center for Visual Music.

Watch the Cinefamily original trailer!

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Music

three little bops
5/6 - 11AM
$10/free for members & kids under 14

From theme songs to musical ‘toons, the silly symphonies and merry melodies of the cartoon world are as essential as Acme anvils. Cartoons are fueled and driven by music; composers like Carl Stalling and Raymond Scott brought animation to life. And cartoons feature EVERY kind of music – from classical and opera to jazz and rap. This month we invite you to sing along with us!

Complimentary cereal bar. Pajamas encouraged.