"Fellini Satyricon" Food Orgy! (Off-site at Barnsdall Art Park)

Join us for a late-summer Satyricon style feast before the film, en plein air!

Ticket price includes a wine tasting before the screening, which begins at sundown.

NOTE: This event is 21+. Parking is free, but limited. Rideshare and carpool strongly encouraged! Bring a blanket, bring a pillow, but please, no lawn furniture. Bring a picnic, but no outside alcohol will be permitted.

Even after the orgiastic stylings of his Juliet of the Spirits and “Toby Damnit” segment from Spirits of the Dead, no one was prepared when Fellini unleashed this bizarre, druggy adaptation of the ancient (and incomplete) Petronius classic. In first-century Rome, two attractive students (Martin Potter and Hiram Keller) fight it out over a young boy, which sets them all off on a series of bizarre adventures involving hermaphrodites, impotence potions, dwarfs, and opulent costumes and sets from such greats as Dante Ferretti and Danilo Donati, all shot in gorgeous Cinemascope. The obvious inspiration for Caligula, it remains the wildest Roman spectacle of them all and cheerfully revels in the fact that it makes no damn sense, right up to the cliffhanger final scene. Many critics hated this when it opened, but it’s now rightfully regarded as a classic. And look fast for a very early, chubby role by hairy fitness guru Richard Simmons!

Dir. Federico Fellini, 1969, digital presentation, 128 min.

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