Feel My Pulse

Archival print courtesy of the Library of Congress

Featuring live accompaniment by Cliff Retallick

This madcap tale of hypochondria and bootlegging is the work of the then up-and-coming director Gregory La Cava, who was, naturally, a former cartoonist. When his employer tanked, he started making features replete with comic strip style stories. This one stars Bebe Daniels as a wildly over-protected child on the cusp of adulthood, followed by a flock of nurses supplied at the request of her eccentric, late father. But as her 21st birthday nears, a cigar-chomping Texan uncle enters the picture and disrupts the germ-fearing charades. Our leading lady flees her home to a sanitarium she was set to inherit, but this place has its own band of loons – rum runners who have set up (a thinly veiled) bootlegging camp.

Dir. Gregory La Cava, 1928, 35mm, 63 min.

The feature will be preceded by Bumping into Broadway. 35mm restored print courtesy of the UCLA Film & Television Archive.

Dir. Hal Roach, 1919, 35mm, 25 min.