Far Out Angels (World Premiere, feat. performances by Diva, White Magic & Nora Keyes!)

By way of the musical alchemy of Diva, White Magic and Nora Keyes (Fancy Space People, The Centimeters), Abigail Briley Bean’s brand-new documentary short Far Out Angels will have you fall in love with Los Angeles all over again, and hunt down its secret entrance ways like you were Mulder and Scully. Shot entirely on glistening 16mm, this new work feels like a time capsule from the future’s past — and, divided into four acts, the film guides us into the candyland of each musical Angel’s world. In celebration of Far Out Angels’ world premiere, we’ll have special live sets by all three on-screen participants (Diva, White Magic and Nora Keyes). As well, this is a fully interactive event with a live portal installation, a love lottery, angel cake, and other surprises on the patio during the afterparty. If you didn’t know, now you know! Blast off with these babes for a late-night date night filled with surprises —

Watch the trailer for “Far Out Angels”!