Family Band: The Cowsills Story (Bob & Paul Cowsill in person!)

With their first Top 40 hit “The Rain, The Park And Other Things”, The Cowsills may well have been the first Sunshine Pop band. They are the real-life inspiration behind TV’s The Partridge Family, but The Cowsills’ lives were no sitcom. Darkness lurks beneath the lilting harmonies and optimistic, innocent melodies; their story is raw, honest, tragic, beautiful — and the music, sublime. What’s perhaps most incredible about their story is the way the band members have processed their highly unique experience: being in a band with their mom and managed by their dad at the height of their pop stardom, at a time when such stardom really meant something. Amazing footage of the band on both The Ed Sullivan Show and Dean Martin Show, photographs and interviews with the Cowsills today all serve to create a moving portrait of the family as they share their lives, love of music and the dichotomy of their public persona versus their private struggles. After the film, stick around for a Q&A with directors Louise Palanker and Ian Broyles — alongside Bob and Paul Cowsill, who will also perform a live set together!

Watch the trailer for “Family Band: The Cowsills Story”!
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