Faces of Death (director in person!)

“On a thin budget and thinner expectations, [director John Alan Schwartz] would end up changing the way the world looked at mortality.” — “Faces Of Death: A Life”, Deadspin

“My classroom could be divided into two groups: the people who had seen ‘Faces of Death’ and were bragging about it, and the people who didn’t want to see it and thought it was disgusting.” — Ard Vijn, Twitch

It’s rare to witness the epitome of a cinematic form unfold in front of your eyes — and it’s even rarer to witness a 35mm screening of Faces of Death ANYWHERE in the world, so come share in the communal shock and disgust with us for the notorious film’s first L.A. theatrical screening in over thirty years — possibly ever! This late entry into the vaulted (and zestfully exploitative) “mondo” documentary genre takes the viewer on a guided tour through sickening file footage of real death captured on camera, plus ridiculously entertaining re-enactments of urban legends and other barfy stuff. The live execution, by electrocution? Check. The cannibalistic Satanic bacchanal? Double check. The eating of monkeys’ brains? Quadruple check!!!! In retrospect, Faces of Death has a homemade charm that few (if any) viewers picked up on in the Eighties, when the film first held potent power over dumbstruck pre-YouTube legions. Beneath the veneer of gagging rot, this little-engine-that-could has quite a heartfelt message: treasure your life, assholes, for it could all end any second! Widely imitated across the globe for decades but never topped, Faces of Death is rad. Director John Alan Schwartz will be here for a Q&A before the film!
Dir. John Alan Schwartz, 1978, 35mm, 105 min.

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