Eve's Leaves

With live accompaniment by Cliff Retallick

After parting ways with Famous Players-Lasky (Paramount) in early 1925, famed director Cecil B. DeMille decided to try his own hand at playing studio boss, and began production on several films – including Eve’s Leaves. Based on the play by Harry Chapman Ford and directed by Paul Sloane, the film follows a sea captain who forces his daughter Eve (Leatrice Joy) to masquerade as a boy. Eve responds by provoking widespread mischief aboard her father’s tramp freighter (ironically named “The Garden of Eden”). While the plot is laden with melodrama, it is comedy that forms the true heart of this movie. William Boyd, who would later achieve greater fame as cowboy hero Hopalong Cassidy, is commendable as the object of Eve’s desire; but while their combined screen chemistry is palpable (as witnessed in the truly memorable “apple-kissing” scene), it is Joy’s ebullient performance that ultimately steals the show.

Dir. Paul Sloane, 1926, 35mm, 75 min.