Everything Is Terrible! Live (feat. "Comic Relief Zero" & "EIT! Does The Hip-Hop") 11:45PM SHOW

Everything Is Terrible!’s found footage foot soldiers have outdone themselves yet again, for these psychedelic priests of discarded VHS are back with not one, but two new movies. So, what’s the deal with Comic Relief Zero? The opposite of special, this special’s jam-packed with cringe-inducing set-ups and bomb-dropping punchlines from yesteryear’s hottest ventriloquists, racists, prop comics, sexists, impersonators, homophobes, and talk show hosts. They all wish this footage was still in the landfills, for the streets will run blue with these wanton wisecracks. Wicka-wicka-what, you want more?! Okay, can we B real 4 a second? In EIT! Does The Hip-Hop, the gang’s taken the entire history of the co-opting of cool, and bashed it all together into one continuous mix to please both your earballs and eyelobes. We’re talking kids rappin’ ’bout stamps, and claymation doughboys spittin’ rhymes ’bout crescent rolls. You’d never in a billion years think old ladies can rap — but they totally can. And it don’t stop — WORD! Plus, the fur-covered, glitter-smothered EIT! gang will bring all the live costumed merriment that has made their shows (in)famous. Outrageously funny — and totally clean.

Watch the trailer for Everything Is Terrible’s “Two Head-Cleaners And A Microphone” tour, feat. “Comic Relief Zero” and “EIT! Does The Hip-Hop”!